21 Mar 2013

The assertive 25yr old

Let me ask you a question.
What do you do if you want to try anal sex and your girlfriend won't let you ?
Well , the answer is simple - you contact ME !

That is exactly what this young , virile , 25yr old stud did today. He saw my videos on xhamster, then he followed links to this blog and decided that i was going to be the slut who would fulfil that desire for him

So , at 12 noon he was emailing me and by 1.30pm he was in my apartment with me on my knees before him.
You see - i am not a timewaster, i don't send endless emails over days and days - i am a sex slave to dark men and , if i am free , i serve you immediately.

This sexy , tall African lad from E.London had a gorgeous , thick 8 inch cock.
He loved it being sucked and he loved his ass being rimmed. As i was rimming him , he lubed and fingered my ass. He was enjoying the feeling and the visual of probing my clean ass with his fingers.

i sucked him more as he grabbed my head and pumped it up and down on his dick and then he cum in my mouth !

After a short clean up break we sat down to "chill" BUT i was immediately back on my knees again as , with his assertive nature , he demanded that i start sucking his cock again.
Naturally i obliged until the time came when he said "right , now i want your ass".
i placed a condom on him and , i straddled his dick with my ass and then i sat on him.
His thick dick penetrated my tight sphincter and i rode his cock.
He enjoyed the pleasure of seeing and feeling my ass wrap around his dick as i milked it with my sphincter. He then told me to get on all fours and he fucked me doggy style.

Before he was about to cum , he pulled out , removed the condom and told me to suck him some more. This time , he cum all over my face.

i was honoured to have made his desires come true and i am so looking forward to serving him again in the future.

Here are his pictures............

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  1. Sounds like my situation. I will be visiting you soon honey. I really want to use your fuck holes till you are sore x Si