5 Mar 2013


"Mr.Bad" visited me today. It is a "cut-down" form of his screen name on a swingers contact site.
He is a Black man with the same sort of build as the athlete , Mo Mowlam.

He had met a couple of tgirls before and liked them because he is crazy about ass and anal sex.

He has a Dominant personality and is very assertive and almost as soon as he arrived he had stripped off and ordered me on to my knees.

I pleasured his juicy 8 inch cock with my mouth before he presented hi arse to me to lick , clean and suck.
We soon moved over to the rimming box, where he locked in my head and lowered his arse hole on to my tongue. As i rimmed him he started fingering my own arse hole and told me that he desired to get his hand inside me.

We moved to my playroom , where he placed me in the sling, put on latex gloves, lubed his fists and gave me "poppers" to inhale.
Soon i was swinging in a poppered stupor as his fingers teased at my hole and then , with more force , he gradually inched past his knuckles. He let me take a breather and relax at the widest point , ordered me to take more poppers and then proceeded to push his entire fist up my arsehole.

My ass was SO s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d and full of his fist. He FUCKED ME WITH HIS FIST.

He maneuvered himself around , still with his fist in my arse and proceeded to face -fuck his cock in to my mouth.
He was filling me at both ends and enjoying every moment.

He took pictures of his fist in my ass , there is one below , so he would have a souvenir of the new bitch in his stable.

He has a kinky , filthy imagination and i look forward to becoming a receptacle of his depraved desires in future meetings.


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  1. It is getting better in terms of photo diversity...looking forward to some videos & photo documentarie someday... you should set up your flat as a studio.