18 Mar 2013

3 men today

"Mr.J" saw my profile on xhamster and decided he wanted a piece of that !!!
He has never met a trans girl before but i guess my pics and videos made him decide now was his time !
i am always VERY honoured to be the first trans that a guy meets and , as you can read through this blog , it happens quite a lot. i am always thrilled when a man chooses me as his first.
"Mr.J" is a 20 something lad with a chunky body. i pleasured his cock with my tongue and mouth and then took great pleasure in rimming his beefy arse. He cum by grabbing my head and face fucking me. What a lovely start to the day !
Here is a picture of his cum in my mouth...... (naturally , i swallowed after the picture was taken!)

My second visitor of the day is a young , but mature, lad whom i have served several times.
"Mr.R" has a smooth , virile, young black-buck body and attitude. He LOVES having his dick pleasured for ages. More than that he just LOVES his arse hole being teased , licked and chewed. Fortunately he has the most delicious arse hole and is able to distend his arse lips for me to give them a good sucking. I KNOW he has a filthy mind , as he always chooses really kinky , filthy porn to watch when he is here. On his last visit , he even pissed down my throat. So today , as he distended and pushed his arse hole in to my mouth i could tell he was hoping to push out a log for me to chew on. Regrettably his bowel was empty , but , it was still a joy and pleasure to rim him for a solid 20 minutes.
He cum by aggressively scull fucking me. It took my mouth an hour to recover when he had left !
It is a compliment that he loves his visits to me so much that he is returning tomorrow.
We did not take any pictures today but here are some from a previous visit.

You will see him getting me in a headlock and impaling my mouth on his big cock. You will see me rimming him and finally you will see me with my head locked in the rimming box as he took a seat to present his arse hole to me to pleasure.

My last visitor today was a VERY tall Black lad. I shall call him "Mr. 6ft5" as that is his height !
He had seen my website and blog and decided he would like to visit. He had never met a tgirl before.
I sucked his very long slim cock and took great pleasure in rimming his hole for him - he loved it.
i took pleasure in being fucked by him whilst we were still standing upright ! It is so rare when a man is tall enough to simply step behind me and impale me on his cock - wow , fantastic.
After fucking me for a while i got back to sucking him and he cum in my mouth.
Below is a picture of my mouth filled with his cum.


  1. Good to see you back worshiping black cocks. Shame that "Mr.R" not emptied his bowel into your mouth, I would like to read your adventures as a living toilet for black men. Can't wait to see your sweet mouth filled with something more than cum and piss. Greetings to you Tiffany from your biggest fan.

  2. Wow you really are a filthy girl. Love it :) Si