21 Apr 2014

White (Caucasian) guys can meet me too

i havent mentioned it in a while , but , due to a spate of recent enquiries, i will mention it again.

WHITE GUYS CAN MEET ME and i will pleasure them for an "escort fee".

My rate is £100 per hour or £60 for 30 minutes ( you will be surprised at how many times you can cum in 30 minutes !)

i offer this service ONLY because of the inquiries from white guys who read my blog and write asking me about it. 

i am not normally an escort , i do not do it for a living.
As you well know , from this blog , that my life is devoted to pleasuring Black men - no strings, which i will ALWAYS continue to do.

White guys now have an opportunity for me to serve them too and , if you compare the rates of tgirl escorts in London , my fee is very good value for money, but , you already know that i am MUCH more devoted and enthusiastic about pleasuring men and their cocks than any of them. So , your visit to me will be quite different and i will genuinely be pleased to see you to make sure that your needs are fulfilled.

So , white guys , if you want to book me and visit me (no out calls) , just email me your stats and pic to tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com


  1. Ahh if only I lived in London!

    Greetings Tiffany, you splendid black cock loving slave. I hope you've been well, bitch.

    I continue to be impressed with your blog, your devotion to black men, and your dedication to being as slutty, sexy, and filthy as possible for your Masters.

    You are still working to improve yourself, go further, submit more, and please them in more ways as a complete and utter cock whore. Wonderful!

    My compliments. I visit your blog often, as do many like me. Keep up the great service baby, and keep spreading the word!

    Mr Frost

  2. Mr. Frost Sir,
    Thanks you for your lovely comment on my blog and of my servitude to cock.
    i do appreciate it

  3. I am a white male who has used tiffany as a whore she is very good sucked me and gave me my first rimming and I left her like a good whore defiled with her face covered in my cum.

  4. @ Sim B - Thanks for taking the time to comment on my services. Much appreciated. Kisses, Tiffany xxx

    1. You are welcome you served me very well I I think everyone should know what a good whore you are xxx