15 Apr 2014

Saturday 12th April 2014 - The human cocksucking machine - The anal whore

Saturday 12th April 2014 

i don't normally meet on Saturdays but a "special" exception was made today as "Portsmouth Master" was traveling to visit.

This man is a BDSM Master , who is very kinky and demanding.
i have met him once before and this second visit was to push my training.

Portsmouth Master likes his dick sucked.... A LOT !
On my knees, collared and manacled i sucked on his dick whilst he watched porn and tended to his smartphone. He paid little attention to me. i was just there to suck. i became a human suck machine, i sucked him solidly for 30 minutes.
When he was ready to cum , he wanked his cock and shot his load within 2 minutes.

After a short break , he decided it was time to abuse my ass.
He took me to the playroom.
At first , he fucked me, then he put me in to the sling.

My ass was facing him and he took a chair, so , he was seated at eye level with my hole in front of him.

He proceeded to take ever increasing sizes of dildos and stretched my hole.
He got me wider and wider , deeper and deeper, looser and sloppier.
He forced me , with his assertive nature , to take more and more poppers so i loosened up even further.
Soon my quivering gaping hole was ready and hungry for his fist.

He took latex gloves, put them on and smothered them with Crisco lube.

He then proceeded to spend 20 minutes using and abusing my hole with his fists. He fisted me , gaped me and punch fucked me with his hands. i was his anal whore , on my back , helpless , just there for him to take pleasure from my hole.

After he had had enough of fisting me , he took a giant steel anal speculum and spread my hole. My hole gaped wide open as he looked inside my stretched ass and he took pictures.

He moved me back to the living room.
He brought with him two , open holed butt plugs.
He first used the large black one , but , after 2 minutes it actually fell out - he had steretched me so much.
He replaced it with the GIANT red one. It was tough to get in , but , once in , it stayed in. My ass was now permanently open and gaped. My ass "breathed" air , in and out, as i was put to work on his cock again.

I now sucked him again. On all fours with my open ass in the air.
i sucked for a CONSTANT , SOLID 40 MINUTES !

Guys , can you imagine having your dick sucked for 40 minutes with no break ? i bet you cannot even imagine how that feels.
Gurls , can you imagine sucking a dick for 40 minutes solid and not even taking a 30 second break ?
i doubt there are VERY few other gurls out there who could manage that.

i was PROUD to have become a human sucking machine alongside being turned in to an anal queen.

Again , Portsmouth Master watched porn on the TV and answered his SMS messages during the entire 40 minutes , he paid little attention to me , i was there simply to suck and not to stop.

When he was ready to cum , he just pushed me off his cock , wanked himself and shot his load in 2 minutes.

After 2-3hrs of using me as an oral and anal slave - he left.

Below are some pictures he took when he was abusing my hole.... 

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