20 Apr 2014

Week ending April 19th 2014

On Wednesday 16th I pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor saw the return of  "Mr.Ice"
This cute yet handsome looking lad has visited me several times before.
You can see a write up of him here :

I sucked him , rimmed him , figered his hole - he cum :-)

My second visitor "Mr.Sole".
This sexy , mid-20's young man had met two tgirl escorts in the past.
Hey Black guys , why pay to be worshipped when Tiffany here will pleasure you for free ?

I had no expectations before he arrived but boy , did he turn out to be EXCEPTIONAL.
It all started like normal , i settled him in, sucked his cock a little and then started to rim him on the sofa.
He was loving the rimming so much that i suggested we move to my rimming box.
Well , that boy kept me locked in there for 15 minutes with my mouth permanently glued to his arse hole.
My tongue brought waves of pleasure to his sensative arse hole.

Whilst i was in there , he reached down and fingered my arse hole. He started with a finger , then two , then pushed in a third.
He asked how many fingers i could take ? I told him that i had taken a fist before . "Really" he said , " I have always wanted to try that".

So, since he had stated a desire , i simply led him to my playroom and took with me gloves , poppers and lube.
i climbed in to the sling and told him "go ahead - your desire can now be fulfilled".
He began slowly fingering my ass hole and i encouraged him to go harder. Soon , he wrapped his fingers and thumb in to a ball and applied steady pressure as he slipped his entire hand up my arse.
He was blown away with the physical and mental stimulation of the fact that his hand was up my arse hole. It blew his mind ( and mine) and he was loving every minute of making me his fist fuck puppet.
He punch fucked my hole - he took charge of it and used it for his pleasure. All i could do was lie there and take the onslaught of his fist up my arse.

After a while , he said " I can't take it anymore - I need to fuck you". i reached for a condom and said , "well , you dont need to remove your fist , as you are enjoying it so much, just put this condom on your cock and slip it in my ass, alongside your fist."
Well , he did not waste and time and soon he had his fist AND his cock up my arse.
He was fucking me with both and i told him " now take your cock with your own hand that is up my arse and wank it ! ". And so he did, he wanked his cock with his hand and cock INSIDE my ass !

He could not hold it any longer. He withdrew his fist and with a few fucking thrusts of his cock up my arse - he shot his load.

He loved the fact that he had stretched and used my hole so thoroughly.
He did not wany my gape to go , so , he took one of my hollow but plugs and pushed it up my arse.
i was then led out of the sling , back to the living room , where i got back on my knees with my "open" ass in the air and started sucking him again.

Soon , through sucking , he was shooting his load again , this time it was down my throat.

We both had had a mind blowing time , i cannot wait for his next visit. He is sensational and a rareity in someone so young.

Here are the pics he took with me sucking him , me taking his load in my mouth and with the open hole but plug he pushed in my ass.

On Thursday 17th April , one guy cancelled , one guy stood me up and so i served just one guy.

Question - what do you do in your lunch hour , when time is limited but you are horny ?
Well , if you are "Mr.Hairy Indian" , you just jump on a tube train and instruct your slut to be on her knees, ready and waiting.
i had served this handsome , sexy , hairy Indian man just a week ago and i have served him many times in the past.
So he arrived , i dropped , i sucked , i rimmed , i fingered, he cum , he left - all in 15 minutes.

When others are getting a coffee in their lunch hour , others are getting their dicks sucked and busting their nuts at my place !
When you need a sex slave guys , i am here for you. Just cum , then go, if you need to.

On Friday April 18th   i pleasured two guys.

My first visitor had seen this very blog and contacted me for pleasure.
"Man.K" is a young black lad , probably early 20's, who travelled some diastance to visit me.
He told me that he had one experience with a tgirl before in his life and was glad to have found me.

He has the most delicious , thick , dark cock and a big ass ( more of that later).

i started by sucking him , then we moved on to rimming. He locked me in the rimming box and took a seat on my face.
My his big ass fully covered my face and he would make me furiously tongue his funky arse hole and reward me by raising up slightly , every so often , so that i could breathe again. There is nothing like being locked in a head box, air and light cut off by a blig black arse lowered on to your face and with a juicy , responsive arse hole being the sole focus of your attention.
He loved my rimming and  he only let me out of the box as he needed to cum.

I was pushed to my knees , where i was made to suck him for a further 10 minutes and then he shot his load in my mouth.
Such a lovely experience , i am glad to have met him and i look forward to his future visits - should he decide he wants more.

My second visitor saw the return of "yungblack" . i last pleasured him in November 2013 and he also attends our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk black men and tgirl parties.

This sexy young lad has gorgeous , big lips and the most AMAZING bubble butt. He is sex on legs and has a great personality too.
i am so glad that he is in my life.

Today , we made a home video. We got him dressed as a BDSM Master in leather body harness and mask. He had my wrists in manacles and a collar and lead around my neck.
i was made to crawl to him and suck him.

Unfortunately YOU are not going to get to see the video , as he wants it kept just for himself.
i always respect the wishes of my visitor and so i am happy to comply.

After we shot the video , i was taken to the sofa where is sucked and deep throated his delicious dark dick.
I rimmed him in the rimming box , before he decided he wanted my ass.
He took me to the bedroom and fucked me.
As he got close to cumming , he withdrew and got me to suck him more instead.
When he decided he wanted to cum , he grabbed a condom , threw me on the bed again, pushed me flat down , spread my legs , held me down by the wrists and invaded my arse with his rock solid dick.
In no time at all he was shooting his load in to the condom inside me.

It is ALWAYS a wonderful pleasure to serve him and i am so pleased to have him in my life.
It could only get better , if he visited me more often !


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