13 Apr 2014

Week Ending 13th April 2014

On Wednesday April 9th , i was scheduled to pleasure FOUR men.

The first guy, i shall call , "boy bubble butt ". He came to me through a site called adultfriendfinder.

What a dream of a boy this guy was. Probably mid-20's ?
He is of average height and is handsome. He has a built chest , with lovely pecs. He has the tiniest waist and bubble butt - he must be a 26"/28" waist with the peachiest of bums !

He was eager from the moment he arrived.
I began by sucking his lovely dark dick and then he threw his legs in the air , over his shoulders and presented his little hole to me , to clean and rim with my tongue.
His ass was so petite , my face almost covered it ! His arse tasted juicy and delicious and he LOVED me rimming him.
He shot his load as i was rimming him !

He then did something which i RARELY come across. Instead of us taking a break for him to take a rest and rejuvinate , he simply carried on wanking his cock after he had come - he was still hard , stayed hard and was ready for round two immediately !

He said that he wanted to fist me in the ass.
So , i took him to my playroom and i climbed , on to my back , in to the sling.
He took a HUGE dildo and started to fuck my arse with it. This dildo was as wide as a beer can !
I needed to grab some poppers , to help me relax as he put latex gloves on his hands and covered them in Crisco lube.
Soon he was fingering my hole , opening me up to gape and then he went for it , he slowly put pressure on my hole and pushed his hand up my arse hole.

He enjoyed fucking me with his fist , he loosened my hole enough so he was able to punch fuck my hole.
Oh , it felt wonderful . He was blown away , as he had never done it to anyone before.

He told me that he needed to piss. He said that he wanted to piss over me.
At my suggestion , i took a hollow butt plug - it is called "the pig hole".
It is like a regular butt plug but it has a wide hole , drilled through the core.
Once up my arse , it keeps the hole open. You can get a good look inside my arse hole too.
It gaped my arse and i could not , even if i wanted to , close it.

He then PISSED UP MY ARSE HOLE  (or rather down , as i was below him with my ass in the air)
He filled me up with his piss.

After a while , we stopped and i asked him if HE wanted to get in the sling.
He loved it in there , lying on his back , presenting his arse hole to my lips.
i did not need encouragement , i fingered and tongues his arse hole - he was loving it .

He soon shot his second load all over his chest , as i kept working on his hole with my talented tongue.

What a SENSATIONAL boy - i do hope that he visits again in the future.

The NEXT THREE guys who were in my diary pissed me right off.
These guys were scheduled to arrive , in stages , between 3pm and 8pm.
So , we are talking 5 hours of my day here.


Now guys often have a hard time finding time to meet me in my diary. Appointments can be precious.  So , when you have a guy in your diary , he is infact taken the timeslot of any other guy who wanted to attend.

So my 3pm guy text me to cancel and re-schedule to 7pm.
I did not mind this - after all , things happen and people can't attend. So , i was glad that he had let me know and i was happy to move him to 7pm.
The thing is , when 7pm came - he did not turn up !

My 4pm and 6pm  dates did not even have the decency to turn up. They did not respond to my texts or phone calls when they were late - they basically ignored me.
These are the WORST types of men.
They have no sense of responsibility. They have no respect. They are rude and inconsiderate.

A measure of a man can be taken in the hours or days that follow when they have stood me up.
Some will write with an explanation and an apology.

The WORST type of man does not even write. They pretend it never happened. You never hear from them again. These are the WORST of the worst.

i call them "men" , but they are not men , they are pigs.

On Friday April 11th i pleasured FIVE men.

My first visitor i have been pleasuring for about 4 or 5yrs. "Mr.Beefy" is a big , sexy , bull of a black man. i won't write about him here as i have written about him many times in the past.

My second visitor idon't think i have seen for a year !
It does not matter if it is a week, a month or a year it is WONDERFUL for dark me to know that i am always here to serve them.
This HANDSOME Indian man i called "Mr.Hairy Indian" and i wrote about him last year , on this page :

Therefore , no need for me to write about him in depth , but , he had a wonderful time of me sucking , rimming and fingering him :-)

My third visitor  was "Beefy K".
This is quite a tale.........
This beefy black man messaged me on fabswingers at lunchtime with a very confident and bold message , saying he wanted to visit me as he needed sucking.
The things is , as messages went back and forth his "confidence" and assertive personality started to move in the opposite direction. He became more questioning and nervous.
He had never met a tgirl before , you see.
Anyway , i spent the LONGEST time , putting him at ease and saying that if this was a guy feeling that he wanted to be pleasured by me , then , he should just go for it. Act now , think later , i always say.
i had given him the option of turning around and walking straight out of the door - if he did not feel comfortable.
Well , when he arrived i dont think i have EVER seen such a frightened man in my life !
He was a bag of fear.
So , i did not know how it would go really.
i tried to put him at ease and i KNEW that i had given him the option to just turn around and leave , so i was just waiting for that to happen really.
He stayed.
It was tough to even get him to take off his trousers.
He said he wanted me to suck him with a condom on his dick. That was NOT a problem , so i tool one of my flavoured condoms and put it over his stiff cock.
YES - he was hard - now what that says to me is that you ARE turned on , that you want this to happen.
Rememebr i told you about the guy a couple of weeks ago who shot his load in 10 seconds ?
Well , this guy did exactly the same !! i only managed to get the head of his dick in to my mouth, gave just a couple of "suctions" and he cum !
He then grabbed his trousers ans said he had to leave, he said that "it was not right for him". He could not get out of here quick enough!. He "appologised" for "wasting my time though" , so at least he was polite !

The thing is - he DID NOT waste my time . I exist as a sex slave for men to work out if a tgirl is right for them or not. I'd rather he had the 10 second experience , with me, for FREE than paying some escort £100 for the same experience.

He was a FIRST though. i often get nervous men who visit me. Whilst they are here though and after they have left , they all have had a wonderful experience , they are glad that they came and they want to see me again.
This is the first time ever that a guy has needed to flee. !

The thing is - if he had been that uncomfortable OR if it had "not been for him" then he would not have been able to get hard - right ? Thats how i see it .

Anyway - he was a nice guy and perhaps he will learn from his experience and process it in his mind. Who knows , in the future , he might even visit me again - he is always welcome.

My fourth visitor was "Mr.J".
He first visited me on 8th February and on that occasion it was his first ever visit to a tgirl.
Kudos to me then that he wanted to come back for more !
The write up i did on him is interesting , so it is worth a read. He is the last guy on this page :


So , no need to write up on him today.
i sucked him rimmed him , he fucked me and cum up my arse ( with a condom!)

Below - he has come in my eye !!!

My fifth visitor was "Mr.Germany".
It is just over a year since this nasty , dark man last visited me.
You can read about him here:


Today i sucked him , rimmed him and pleasured his hole.

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