11 Oct 2013

Todays visitor - a spunky young boy :-)

My first visitor , "Mr.Reading" is a young , slim , defined, handsome , sexy black boy in his early 20's
He had seen my website and decided that he wanted to try a tgirl , for the first time.
i was honoured that he choose me !
It was refreshing to see that he bounced in to my apartment with confidence.
It seems that youngsters today don't have the "hang-ups" of their older generation and just see "every hole as a goal" !
He took no time in stripping off to reveal his delicious , big , black cock with a pink head. You KNOW i love the contrast of those pink heads on a black shaft :-)

His cock tasted so young , fresh and delicious. I really made a meal of it , i could not get enough.
I introduced him to my rimming seat - he had never seen one before.
His pert, young , bubble butt landed on my tongue and i worked my majic bringing waves of pleasure to his arse hole.
He jumped off the box as it was exciting him so much and proclaimed that he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
I quickly grabbed a condom , lubed my hole and asumed the doggy position.
He entered me slowly , feeling the grip of my sphincter around the shaft of his penis.
He had to take it really slowly , as he was on the verge of cumming. Just the sight and feel of his dick in my ass was giving him so much excitement.
He ripped the condom off and told me to get on my knees.
He pushed his cock in my mouth and his fingers in to my ass and i pistoned my lips up and down his long shaft.
In no time at all he was pumping his black seed down my throat.

What a sensational , mature , young man he is. I am looking forward to being his unpaid whore , whenever he has the need.

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