11 Oct 2013

2 Guys served yesterday

My first visitor has asked me to remove his entry today ( 11th Nov 2013) , so , it no longer appears below.

My second visitor was a dusky, Indian tgirl lover from E.London.
A well experienced tgirl admirer , he had met many before and also goes to tgirl sex parties.
So , he knew what he wanted and how to get it it from a dark cock slut like me.
He has a handsome face and is another Indian with a "semi long", dark beard. I just LOVE those and loved caressing it.
Spent the LONGEST time sucking his delicious , dark dick and then he face fucked me with the force of his powerful , big thighs behind it. I was helpless , arms behind my back as he just used my mouth and throat as a pleasure receptacle.
He took me to the bedroom and fucked me in all sorts of positions.


  1. Do you have videos on xhamster ?

  2. Yes - the link is http://xhamster.com/user/bitch4black_dot_com

  3. Thank you beautiful. x x