4 Oct 2013

Normal servitude resumed

After my Summer break , i intend to resume my servitude to black cock from OCTOBER 8th onwards , right through to at least May 2014.

Today , i emailed 106 Black guys who have been requesting my unpaid whore servitude whilst i have been on annual leave.

Look at my diary at www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk , it is relatively empty right now.
Have another look in 48hrs time and you will see it rapidly filling with Black cocked men who wish me to serve them , free , no strings.

My diary is always an indicator to you visitors of when you can expect blog posts and pictures of the men and their cocks to be posted.

Hopefully these black men will stretch me nicely for those men who like to fist also.

So , keep visiting my blog from October 8th and  for the next 9 months for regular updates of my servitude to cock.


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