21 Oct 2013

"Mrs.Robinson" meets her Indian boy

"Indian boy" is a reader of this blog and he was eager to meet me in person.
He had never used a tgirl for sexual gratification before , he was a "first timer".
He had a "Mrs.Robinson" fantasy where i was to seduce him (the older woman who seduces and grooms a young man). However , he said he would (and he did) frequently turn the tables , as he was very assertive for such a young man and he was often dominant and nasty (in the nicest possible way).
I sucked him before he locked me in the rimming box.
There he smoked his cigarettes and drank the alcohol cocktail that i had mixed for him as i was trapped with my mouth and tongue on his arse hole , bringing him pleasure as i cleaned him.

He surprised me by telling me that he had NEVER fucked an ass. (of any gender).
I took delight in lowering my ass on to his BIG , dark cock. I gripped the head of his dick with my anal sphincter and then gripped and released all the way down to the base , to let him feel the control that my as  has - SO MUCH nicer than any pussy !!!

He was blown away by the feeling as my ass milked his cock. He pushed me on my back and brought my legs over his shoulders and gave me a deep , fast fucking.

He pulled out before coming and pushed my mouth over his cock as he worked the shaft with his hand and shot his Indian seed in to my mouth.

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