15 Oct 2013

Todays servitude to Black Dick

Mr S.London was a B-I-G .built lad. Gosh , i am attracting the sexy beards these days. He had a lovely semi-long , groomed beard which i loved reaching up to stroke.
Gave him a mega sucking session and he absolutely LOVED having his big ass rimmed.

My second visitor was a lovely Black Daddy from North London.
I do love mature, older men as much as the young boys.
Well he had the MOST fantastic cock and balls. A big thick cock with a delicious foresking and BIG heavy balls - so big i could not get both in to my mouth at one time !
I was honoured to introduce him to rimming. I have said it before , it is said to know that a man has reached middle age and has never experienced the joys of a white slut , pleasuring his ass hole with her tongue ! Well , better late than never i guess !
He cum in my mouth and then , after a break , he told me to get back to work on his cock. Soon he was in need of my ass and i did have some trepidation of being impaled on this big , heavy dick. Gosh , his dick filled my little white hole as he rode me and took his pleasure. He withdrew, i sucked him more and he shot down my throat again ! What a lucky girl i am.

Aside from the fabulous sex he was (is) a gorgeous man and i a mREALLY , REALLY looking forward to as many visits as he wishes to make to me. I think he knows that he has found a good , sexy , compliant slut in me and will use me to take advantage of as much as he desires. I can't wait !!!

No picture i am afraid - he did not want any pics taken and i respect his choice.


  1. I would for you to be the first tgirl to suck my dick

  2. Well just get in touch Mr.Anonymous - make it happen :-)

    1. What are your contact details?

  3. I have tried to contact you but it doesn't seem to allow me to. Where in south london are you based?

  4. i am based a mile from Waterloo Station. i can be contacted on


    There SHOULD be no problem with that , guys contact me there every day.

  5. Beautiful. x guys, let her film sucking your dick please.