10 Jun 2013

Thursday June 6th - served 2 men

On Thursday i served 2 guys.
The first was a re-visit from "Mr.Kenya" whom i pleasured in May and is "Guy 2" on the list at this link :
So lovely to suck him , rim him and ride his cock today !

The second guy was "Mr.Power"
Mr.Power is a very tall, strong Black Master. He runs his own group on the Fetlife website where he extolls the virtues of Black men using and owning white sub sluts (like me) to take care of their needs.
He has a wonderful mind and outlook on just how things need to be.

What an absolute shock when he undressed to expose a truly ENORMOUS COCK!
Easily one of the biggest black dicks that i have ever come across.
i did not have my tape measure handy (LOL) but i am guessing it had to be 11/12 inches long. This MUST be one of the biggest dick in London !

Now , dear reader , you are probably expecting me to write how i went crazy for his dick etc....
My more frequent visitors will know however that I AM NOT A SIZE QUEEN !
i do not serve dark skinned men because they are supposed to have bigger cocks , i do it because i like the contrast in skin colour to my own.

So , i tell you (and i told "Mr.Power" when he was here) his cock was just too big (for me) to handle.
Due to length and girth i probably only managed about 6 inches of it down my throat ( not due to the lack of trying though!)

i actually feel a bit sorry for guys who have very long cocks. i doubt that they ever find anyone who can deep throat them. It must be sad that they cannot experience this.
Also , for anal it is probably too much for most.
You see , an ass is not like a pussy - pussy's seem to go on for ever in depth , but , an ass can only take around 5 - 8 inches (on average) before a dick will hit the wall (where the colon bends at a right angle). So , there was also no way that "Mr.Power" would have been fucking me in the ass either (not that he did, today).
So , i felt a little inadequate today but i tried my best and sucked him for at least an hour.

If anyone is asking , what is the perfect sized cock for me ?
5 - 8 inches and slim for my throat , or , as thick as a beer can for my ass !

"Mr.Power" did not want any pictures taken , so , i reproduce an internet grabbed picture below , for you to see how big he was....

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