12 Jun 2013

EVERYONE, Black or White, can meet me for REAL during Summer 2013, DOGGING !

From reading my blog you will KNOW that i am a devoted slave to Black men.
Did you know though , that i serve Black men in many different ways which will fulfil their needs and desires ?

One such man is Master Brixtonian, he is a tall , assertive, dominant Black man from London.
HIS desires are to see sluts (tgirl and female sluts) thoroughly used and abused.
He gets off on seeing sluts used by multiple cocks in a situation where they have NO CHOICE in whom they pleasure. He wants to see them used as total whores and cum dumps.

So , in the Summer times (June - Sept) , Master Brixtonian takes me DOGGING (outdoor , anonymous sex in woods and car parks etc...)

He drives me to busy dogging locations on the outskirts of North , East and West London. He makes me dress in just stockings , basque and heels with backless panties. He allows me a coat over the top but this is removed when i reach the dogging location.

He straps a "bum bag" to my back. On it is written "Condoms and lube , take and use". You can guess what it contains.

He then leads me in to the woods and men follow.
He makes me put down a ground sheet and tells me to get on my knees. He then invites the surrounding men to use my mouth. Sometimes it can be two or three men, sometimes a dozen or more. Master Brixtonian would like it to be 20 or more , if it were possible.
The men are also invited to use my ass.
EVERY orgasm the men produce i am forced to hold in my mouth , savour and then swallow.

These men can be black or white . They can be young , old , fat or thin - basically , NO MAN IS REFUSED and i have no choice in the matter.

When Master Brixtonian takes me dogging it is an opportunity for ANY man to use me as no man is refused.

ANY MAN , regardless of age , skin colour etc... may use me this Summer , whilst outdoors , dogging.

IF YOU LIVE in the London/M25 area and would like to be informed of when and where Master Brixtonian is taking me , so that YOU may use my holes and dump your cum , then , email me directly, tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com to be placed in Master Brixtonians Yahoo group , where he announces dates , times and locations of where/when he will be pimping me out (for free) to all men.
You MUST mention "dogging" in your message.

If you come to use me in the woods you can bring whatever you need to make it more special for you .
Bring rope , if you like to see a slut tied, bring your camera , bring your four legged dog if that appeals to you both too :-) as NOBODY IS REFUSED !

LONDON/M25 area men only though .



  1. Tiffany, you never cease to amaze. As I learn more about you I become more impressed. Dogging on top of all else you do. Good gurrl!

    Of course, full credit must go to the Superior Black Gods that you are so fortunate to have filling your life, and your holes. THEY have made you truly useful, truly worthwhile, given you a great place in their world.

    Kudos, bitch.

    Mr Frost

  2. Thank You Mr.Frost for your nice comment. Such is the life of a sex slave to dark men, whom i am honoured to serve in order to selflessly fulfill their needs. Your Kudos and encouragement are much appreciated. Tiffany xxxx