2 Jun 2013

Gang fucked by 7 men last Friday

Last Friday night i held the latest of my
http//www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties.

Myself and 6 other gorgeous trans sub sluts made ourselves available to 7 Black Bulls.
So, 12 holes (mouth's and arses) were available all night long for these men to use.

i did not see most of the activities in the party because one of the black guys took me to my playroom and locked me in my leather "sleepsack".
This is like a sleeping bag. It has arm binders built inside.
You get zipped in to the sack and you cannot move an inch.
The sack was them hoisted up in to the air by means of my electric hoist.

My ass was accessible by means of a zip.
My mouth was accessible , as my head protruded from the sack.

i was then blindfolded.

During the evening all 7 men came and used my holes for their pleasure.
i never saw their faces , as i was blindfolded.

i am proud of my devotion that night , being reduced to a base level of just "holes" for men to use.

i am afraid there are no good pictures of that but below is one where you can just make out the beginning of the sleepsack , below my neck and you can see me blindfolded and serving cock.

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