5 Jun 2013

He travelled hundreds of miles to use me like a skanky whore

Just one guy today ( 3 others cancelled can you believe?)

"Mr.Birmingham" is a fit , handsome, young black boy.
He lives in Birmingham, is straight and has a girlfriend.
He has never met a tgirl before.

He saw my videos on xhamster and could see that i was just the type of slut that he would like to act out his fantasies with.

He travelled hundreds of miles on a coach - just to visit me !
Makes sense though. Think about it. The minimum price you will pay for an escort to "treat with respect" is £100 (often much more) , why not spend just £30 or something on a coach trip and use me "nasty" for nothing ?

Mr.Birmingham had an agenda. He wanted to use me as nasty as possible.
So , as soon as he arrived his dick was down my throat and it stayed that way for almost two hours.
He likes to throat fuck and make a gurl puke. He succeeded as i struggled to take the onslought on my throat.

He moved to the rimming seat and lowered his funky arse hole on to my mouth and i was made to rim him for the longest time.

More sucking , more throat fucking and then he wanked his black cock and cum in my open mouth.

He barlely paused after he had cum but instead reached for a condom and told me to lube up and bend over . He fucked me for the longest time , making my ass loosen up and gape.
He withdrew his cock , told me to stay bent over , grabbed a latex glove , lubed his hand and proceeded to stretch and push his fist in to my arse.
He succeeded, as he was on a mission and i had little choice as he had total control over me.

After he had fun with my arse (something he had never done before he told me) he sat back down and told me to get to work on his dick again. More throat fucking followed.
He withdrew his dick from my mouth and wanked it whilst i sucked on his balls. He cum again , this time he shot all over my face and in to my mouth.
He then ordered me to swallow.

It is nice to know that there are such young men as him (he is maybe 22 - 25yrs old ? ) who choose to take out their aggression and fulfill their fantasies with a compliant sex slave to Black men , like myself. 

Below is a picture of him filling my mouth with his dick and two smaller ones showing the two times that he cum.


  1. "Mr.Birmingham" sent me this message.....

    I absolutely loved using u like a piece of trash if I knew the guy after me had cancelled I would have destroyed you some more my cock was still hard most of the way home. I would love to come back some day I will fuck with your mind as well as your body. I must say thank you for being the most obedient whore I have ever had the pleasure of using and it would be great if more women acted more like you. "Mr.Birmingham"

  2. Well Done, Tiffany!

    To Please the Black Man is the highest compliment for a slut like you! You have this Dominant Man's congratulations for your devotion to the true purpose in life of a sissy slut - worshipping the Black Gods that surround you.

    I look forward to your adventures and to viewing your continued efforts to be the ultimate sex slave to Black Men.

    Mr Frost

  3. Thank You Mr Frost for taking the time to write your profound words. Tiffany xxxx

  4. Im really looking forward to October when maybe I can visit you

  5. Lucky you Tifany. :) RESPECT! :*