17 Apr 2016

Week ending April 16th 2016

As per my last post , just posting on this blog for the next few weeks.

On Wednesday April 13th April i pleasured FOUR men.
They all came late in the day , from 4pm , i served one after the other !

My first visitor saw the return of "b.boy" who has been visiting me since 2008 !
i have written about him so many times before , so , i wount go in to too much detail.
He is a slim ( think Mo Farah build) , young , handsome lad in his 20's with the most delicious , strong and solidly hard cock.
As per his usual desire , i sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me in the bedroom.
Here is a picture from one of our past dates :

My second visitor visitor "supersm" connected with me on fabswingers in 2011. It has taken him 5yrs to actually get round here , for me to pleasure him !
He is a paler skinned guy and what appealed to me was his very good looks and his chumky, strong body. i mean , doesn't every girl like big , strong arms to hold her head down when being face fucked ?

The exitement was always so great for him , that he was close to shooting right from the start !
He had ordered me to be wearing PVC Fetish gear.

i sucked his delicious , responsive cock and then gave him some rimming. He loved it !
He was so worked up after the rimming that he stood up , face fucked me and shot his spunk down my throat :-)
Here is his pic :

My third visitor was a young , inexperienced (with tgirls) black lad of 23yrs of age.
He had seen the Dark Thrust on the ineternet and wanted to meet me.

i will call him "boy bull S." 
i was to be his first ever tgirl experience.
It almost did not happen because 6hrs before his visit he emailed me telling me he had to cancel as he felt that he could not go through with it. After a persuasive and reasuring email reply from me , we got back on track and so he DID visit me at 6pm.

i am VERY good with first timers. i am patient and understanding and the bottom line is ( which i always tell them) is that you can just turn around and leave , if you feel uncomfortable. THAT has never happened to me though (yet ! )

WHAT a vision of beauty and manliness was before me when he arrived . He is handsome and hugely built with muscles everywhere - he is THE definition of a Black Bull.
Naturally , i just fell in love with his physique.
There is nothing quite like having your head gripped with strong , powerful arms as he pumps your throat with his black dick !

Anyway , i am getting ahead of myself.
So , it was "slowly, slowly" with this nervous first time lad.
i started sucking his delicious dick. i paid attention to his balls and guiche before moving down to his hairy arse hole.
My tongue provided ecstatic rimming pleasure to his hole. He loved it.
Back to more sucking before he stoot up , gripped my head and face-fucked me before shooting his load down my throat.

When a guy cums , i always give him the option to leave OR to stay and rest and go for round two !
To my surprise , he decided he wanted to stay.
So , i was able to provide another 20 minutes of pleasure to this boy and his juicy cock.

i was VERY proud to have been able to turn a lad , who was nervous about attending , in to a lad who wanted to stay for MORE !
It is a mark of my genuine , no strings service that i provide.
It was also a mark of HIS achievement of facing and overcoming his nervousness. He should be proud of himself too.

i DO HOPE he will return many , many times , when he is in need of pleasure to his dick ,as he is an exceptional , young lad.

We did not take any pictures. To be honest , i do not even ask as i felt it might be a step too far for a nervous first timer.

Here is an internet picture though of the type of body that he was bringing to me.

My fourth visitor saw the return of "Daddy Choc" , who visited me just last week !
i have now served this stunning black man on several occasions.
He told me he visits me bacause my blow jobs and love of cock are second to none !
He usually "dates" females ( and will continue to do so) but he KNOWS that when he wants the Rolls Royce of oral pleasure - then - he comes to me !

As i have written about his before in so much detail , i will keep this entry simple.

i spent one hour and 30 minutes GLUED to his cock. i was like a human sucking machine. This daddy just loves having a mouth on the end of his cock and i just LOVE being there.
Naturally , he came to a very happy ending. !

No pictures taken today , here is a pic from one of his previous visits :

On Thursday April 14th i pleasured just one man .

You will be VERY surprised to learn that he was a White Guy !!!
Now , regular readers of my blog will know that i SOMETIMES will escort to White men.

Mostly these men tend to be "fans" of mine who are so eager to meet me that they will pay.

However , i do not take these visitors lightly. Infact , i probably invest more time and effort with these men as i know they are making a financial contribution and i want to make their visit as good as is humanly possible.

Emails started months ago between myself and this man.
i like to find out a mans needs and desires or fantasies , if he is to visit me as an escort. i will always do my best to make his time with me as good as possible.

THIS man had a particular desire - he wanted to taste and swallow BLck Cum !

So , for the past few weeks , when Black men have been fucking me ( with a condom) and shooting their load in my ass , i have been SAVING and FREEZING the black cum filled condoms.

Before this man arrived , i took the condoms out of the freezer.

He had an enjoyable time with me before the "main event".

For that , i took him to my playroom and he laid on my bondage bed.
As he wanked furiously and sniffed poppers, i took the condom, snipped the bottoms off with a scissors and POURED THE BLACK MENS' CUM IN TO HIS MOUTH.

With his mouth full of black mens cum he soon shot his load !

i was so happy to have fulfilled the needs of this man.

No pictures were taken .

On Friday April 15th i held a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

Tonight SEVEN gorgeous , sexy, greedy tgirls offered up their holes to SEVEN horny black bulls. Over 5hrs the Black men used and abused all of the tgirls holes in all ways imagineable. My playroom came in to use for the kinkier Black men. 

i myself was thoroughly used and abused by four of them !
These parties are simply THE BEST in London - everyone agrees.
We will be having another one in May.

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