5 Apr 2016

She's back !

My wonderful readers,
As mentioned in my last post , i have had a month off.

It included a wonderful 2 weeks , cruising 9 islands in the Caribbean.
All those black men worked me up in to a frenzy though !

Regrettably , i came home with Norovirus and spent 5 days ill in bed - that was an unexpected downer :-(

So , i gave myself a further week to make sure i was back to fitness.

i resume my servitude to Dark cock this week , from Wednesday onwards.

You can always see in advance how many men i will be serving by looking at my online diary at :


i already have some "new" men lined up , men who have never yet visited me and know of my skills and devotion to making their lives better.

Lets hope that they will enjoy their time with me , like so many others before them , and then realise that they have a good , convenient sex-slave on their door step and come back for more.

EVERY Black man NEEDS a confidential , willing, talented sex slave to visit, whenever pussy is not forthcoming. They need never go without.

Check back this coming Sunday for news of this weeks servitude.




  1. God just remembering the time I visited you. My first time being rimmed while I watched porn had a drink and sniffed poppers. You are an amazing slut. So annoying I can't get to see you anymore as would love chance to fuck you and use some of your toys on you Simon xxx

  2. @ Sim B - Thank You for taking time to leave your lovely comment. Tiffany xxxx