24 Nov 2015

Week ending 22nd November 2015

An extraodinary week off that started bad and ended up great !

On Wednesday November 18th , i woke up to find FIVE men in my diary , whom i was due to pleasure.

My first visitor, at 1pm , saw the return of "Mr.Beef".
i have written about him extensively on this blog in the past as he has been a frequent visitor to me , over several years.
He is a handsome , sexy , chunky, "beefy" Black man who i sucked and rimmed , before he got me on all fours and fucked me in the ass.

Out of the next FOUR men on my schedule , due to end at 7pm , two of the men cancelled ( at least they had the decency to inform me) and TWO stood me up. These are the despicable ones, to make a date and then not turn up not only inconveniences me BUT thay also do a disservice to their Black brothers , who were emailing me during the day , asking to be pleasured , but i had to turn THEM down , as i "thought" i already had a full day.

I was seriously pissed off.

On Thursday November 19th i pleasure TWO men , the third cancelled with notice.

My first visitor saw the return of a regular visitor of mine ,  "Mr. Giant Cock and Balls".
He has been a regular visitor of mine for many years and i last wrote about him on October 22nd 2015.
He has a 9inch cock BUT it is as thick as a beer can. His balls are also the biggest of any man i have ever met.
So , it was a challenge and a pleasure to accomplich sucking , rimming and being fucked by his huge cock.
Here is a pic again , first posted a month ago.

 My second visitor saw the return of the sensational "Mr.Sleaze".
He has visited me so many times now that he even has his ow "search tag" on the right of this blog.
Over the years, this man who wanted to explore his assertive , dominant side has grown in confidence.
EVERY visit of his is an absolut joy.
He is becoming nastier every time (in a nice way) and i really now think he has found himself as a BDSM Master.

Today , i was , as always , hooded when i opened the door to him an asumed my position on my knees.
He took his big black cock out at my door way and teased me with it.
He then dragged me , on my collar and lead to the living room where i spent the most delightful time , obeying his orders , sucking his cock and rimming his funky arse hole.

It is always so wonderful meeting this man and being his sex slave.

On Friday November 22nd i hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk orgy for EIGHT Black Bulls and SEVEN hot tgirls.

The greedy tgirls submitted their holes for 3hrs of thorough use , by the black bulls.

SENSATIONAL as always :-)

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