19 Nov 2015

Tiffany is Absolutely Fabulous !

A bit off my usual topic , but , just to let my lovely followers know that , earlier this week , i shot a scene for the upcoming global , mainstream movie "Absolutely Fabulous".

"Absolutely Fabulous" is a UK cult comedy series , a global smash hit , that has been off of our television screens for a few years.

The writers and producers are now in the process of making a feature film.
i was cast as a "drag queen" , so , my hair and make-up was well over the top !!!

The film is untitled , as yet , but, the words "Absolutely Fabulous" are bound to appear in the title somewhere.

It is due for release some time in Summer 2016.
So , look out for me when it gets released and also for the film premier in London, when i shall be walking the Red Carpet.




  1. Well done on the movie Tiff - can't wait to see you in the red carpet - you should ask Brix to walk you up it!!!!

  2. Tiffany,

    I think you are always fabulous hun. Any chance of you doing your hair and make up like you did for the movie for one of the sessions with a man you service?



  3. @ anonymous i doubt it. You see , for the movie , i had to wear a massive wig. When men come to visit me , they like that fact that i have my OWN real , thick , long hair which they know they are able to grab , as they piston fuck my face up and down on their cock :-) x