15 Nov 2015

Week ending November 14th 2015

Another relatively quiet week for me this week , which will be normal , in the run up to Christmas, due to my work life.

On Thursday November 12th I pleasured THREE men.

My first visitor saw the return of a sexy , young Indian lad whom I met through a website called Fetlife.

The first time he visited me was in March 2015 , this was his second visit to me.
It was a pleasure sucking his cock and making him cum twice ! It was lovely rimming him and fingering his hole too!
No pics today , here is a pic from his visit in March.

My second visitor was “Mr.Ed”.

He has been visiting me since June 2012 and appears in this blog , several times.

He is a handsome , sexy , fit , black lad with a delicious , long , slim , dark cock.
He LOVES his dick being sucked for a long period of time as much as he loves his arse hole being rimmed and stimulated.
He cum twice with me today and it is always a pleasure to serve him.
We did not take any pics , I never ask that of a guy whom I have met before and previously taken pictures. So , here is one from one of his past visits.

My third guy booked in for today stood me up ! I Can’t believe it. I was stood up last week too. Most annoying thing is just 3 hrs before we exchanged emails and he said he was definitely coming. I will never understand how some people don’t have the decency to take 10 seconds to send a text , to say they can’t make it. Unacceptable !

So , my real THIRD visitor was a beefy , Indian guy from E.London.

He was another guy who is orally fixated and spent the longest time sucking his dick and rimming his arse. He enjoyed face fucking me too and cum two times.
Here is a pic.

On Friday 13th November 2015 I had a night out the "Sleaze City" event at "The Hoist" Club in Vauxhall. This pansexual fetish party attracted Females , Males and tgirls.
i received a public fisting there from a Black male companion :-)

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