7 Nov 2015

Week ending November 7th 2015

A very quiet week for me this week , due to workload.

Actually , I have a LOT of work in the run up to Christmas and so , my encounters will get less numerous over the coming weeks.

This week , I ONLY pleasured on Thursday November 5th.

Today I pleasured THREE guys.

My first visitor was “boy P”.

You know what , sometimes black lads contact me and say “all  iwant is for you to get on your knees and give me a blowjob , then I leave”. Which is EXACTLY what this 18yr old black lad wrote to me asking for. It is so refreshing to know that the youth of today want to try experimenting sexually and I am just pleased that I am THE tgirl to allow them to do that.

And so , he got EXACTLY what he asked for.

I dropped , I sucked , he cum in my mouth, he left. Simples !

My second visitor is a handsome , sexy black lad who has visited me many times over the years. He asks that I do NOT blog about him – so , I won’t ! You see, I do what I am asked , in the service to Black men !

He cum by shooting all over my face though – which he had asked to do before he visited. So , in the picture , you can see me in glasses , to protect any cum getting in my eyes !

My third visitor STOOD ME UP – the little shit !

It never ceases to amaze me that , when a guy has my phone number , he cannot take 10 seconds to text me , if he needs to cancel. He also does a BIG disservice to his brothers , who COULD have taken the time slot that I had allocated to him. Three days later and STILL has not been in touch with me with either an explaination or an apology . THAT is the real mark of a man – whether he is big enough to “man-up” to his misdemeanours. This man has not – so , you judge for yourselves !

My fourth visitor saw the return of "Sloppy Bull". It is 18 months since this sexy Black Bull visited me . How dare he keep me waiting so long ! LOL.

He has a handsome face , beefy body and sensational buns of steel and great , solid , hairy thighs.

This man LIVES to be blowed. I spent 40 minutes of solid sucking on his delicious , big , black dick , pausing briefly to rim him a little. 

This man LOVES the sloppiest of blow jobs. Soon his cock and balls and even my sofa was covered in the drool that he produced from me by facefucking my throat !

I HOPE he does not wait another 18 months for me to pleasure him again !

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