26 Apr 2015

Week ending April 25th 2015

As i write my blog today , Sunday , i am still in recovery from my www.thedarkthrust.co.uk gangbang party last Friday night.

On Friday night , myself and 5 other sexy trans girls opened our holes to TEN , sexy , horny , greedy Black African men.
They thoroughly used all of our holes ( free of charge) - we were just there to serve them , without question.

Naturally , i was thoroughly used and i am still a little delicate :-) i am NOT complaining though. To be used by a group of Black men is always a dream coming true.

On Tuesday 21st April i pleasured THREE men.

My first visitor was "Mr.Hairy Indian ".

It is two years since his first ever visit to me.
You can read a report about his first visit on this page :

This HANDSOME , VERY hairy dark man arrived suited and booted.
Strangely he visited me in April 2013 , then April 2014 and now in April 2015 ! LOL

As with past visits he set me straight to work on his delicious cock just before presenting his hairy arse hole to me for cleaning.
We moved to the rimming box where he was able to lower his hole on to my lips and make me spend a considerable amount of time , rimming him.

He then surprised me by saying " i have never used you in your playroom/dungeon before , take me there.

Inside , he locked my head in the standing stocks and them manacled my wrists and ankles to the uprights. i was in total bondage , unable to move , my mouth and arse hole on display and exposed.

He decided just to use my mouth.
i was unable , even if i wanted to , to avoid the throat fucking that he gave me and he shot his load in my mouth.

We returned to the living room where he was set for "round two".
i sucked and rimmed him more , then i fingered his prostate and he shot his second load of creamy cum down my throat.

Below is a picture of him from his first visit , 2yrs ago.

My second visitor had contacted me on a website called "Fabswingers".
Wait for it - he was a WHITE guy !
Well , i do occasionally (rarely) pleasure white guys. It is all about physical appeal.

When i saw pictures of this BIG , beefy, strong, hairy , imposing , handsome , sexy Italian man i knew that i just HAD to be on my knees before him.
It was his build and good looks that did it for me.
He has a massive build ( not fat - just big and strong) - like a powerlifter. That frame always gets me weak at the knees. He is hairy too - that is always a big plus with me.

Well , when "Mr.White Italian"  arrived and during his entire visit i have to say that he was VERY nervous and suspicious. It was a shame , as his uneasy'ness meant that his visit was not quite as good as it could have been.
i just wish that he had read my blog and comments and realised that he was INDEED walking in to the home of a sex slave , who wanted nothing from him except to bring him pleasure.

i have no idea what he must have been thinking before he arrived.
Maybe he thought that he was walking in to some kind of "trap" or that something bad might happen to him?
His caution was a shame really.

Anyway , the good part is that i was still able to bring him pleasure and he quickly shot his load in my mouth.
We did not take any pictures , infact , i did not even ask - since he was so nervous.

i am SO HOPING that now he has met me the one time , that he will visit again and be very relaxed , knowing that i am there just to worship him and his cock.

My third visitor also came to me through Fabswingers , i shall call him "Mr. Beefy Black".
He first contacted me in October 2014 but it has taken us this long to find a convenient date for him to visit.

He is a HANDSOME , strong , beefy black man with a no-nonsense, assertive attitude.
He was very verbals and was very vocal all of the time that i was serving him.
He told me that i was "his slave" and that he was going to have me pleasure him as he wished.

This consisted of me sucking his dick FOR AN HOUR !
My servitude was occasionally interspersed with moments of me rimming him and him face fucking me. Basically though - i was just a cock sucking machine , which he took advantage of :-)

i LOVED his no-nonsense , confident manner and it will be a treat and a pleasure to serve him again.

On Wednesday April 22nd my first visitor did not make it.

My text to him at 1.50pm ( he was due at 2pm)  resulted in no reply. At 2.20pm he text me to say that he was "on his way". My reply to him was "where are you travelling from?" , He replied "Holloway".
Well , my NEXT visitor was due at 3.15pm and there was no way he could get to me from Holloway and have enough time to be pleasured.
When this has happened before , it leads me to believe that my 1.50pm text had "jogged his memory" that he was due to visit me. i believe that he had forgotten about the date.
This is really inconvenient.
i know when i make a confirmed date with someone , i stick to it. If i cannot attend , i let them know. i don't just simply "forget" about it.
So , it was not a good start to the day.

My second visitor saw the return of my sexy Polish guy, yes another white guy !
i have been pleasuring "Mr.White Poland" for 6 months now and he is a frequent visitor.

He has a powerful , built body and is as handsome as Beckham !

i explored his body and , as always , he is so excited when my lips reach his cock , that he shoots within a minute !
So , a short visit ( as always) but it is always a pleasure.
No pictures , as he never wants any taken.

My third visitor i shall call "Young J".
He is an 18yr old black lad from Essex.
He contacted me through a website called Adultfriendfinder and 48hrs later , here he was walking through my door.

He said that he had a surprise for me .
As he lowered his jeans he was wearing tight , female panties. Gosh - he had read on my profiles that i just LOVE Masculine guys in lingerie - i find it so erotic and exciting.
His bubble but looked dreamy in his delicate lingerie.

The next surprise was his cock!
You see , he is short with a slight , boyish build. His big , meaty 8inch cock then , in relation to his frame just made it look massive :-) Delightful.

i was to be his first ever tgirl and i always find that an honour.

i served him as he wished , doing things that he desired as he asked for them.
i sucked him for the longest time before he moved me to the rimming box where i liked, lapped and chewed on his delicious , puckered arse hole. He loved every second.
Moving back to the sofa i sucked him some more.
He then told me to get on all fours as he took a condom and then fucked me in the arse.
Wow- his big dick certainly filled me up.

He bust his nut whilst i was sucking him and fingering his arse hole.

We took pictures BUT , after i had sent them to him for his approval , he wrote back to me asking me not to publish them , as he was not "quite" feeling right about it all.

Oh dear. It appears that this 18yr old lad was having "post coital" feelings about our meeting.
i guess it IS a bit of a mind trip to meet a tgirl and then "question" tour sexuality.
i think he was in a little turmoil.

Well , what i always say is - just because you use the free services of a greedy tgirl , then it is NOT going to mean that you are now gay !
Men who use tgirls are STILL going to love females , still going to love pussy , still going to want to marry and have children with females etc... Just by using a tgirl a few times it still does not make you gay or even bisexual. It is not as if they are pleasuring ME !
All it means is that a guy is open minded and an opportunist and just takes advantage of an offer of free sex.
i do hope that this young man gets his head around things soon , as i would so hate it if he gets "hung up" on it.
So , i have no pictures to share - sorry folks. Maybe he will change his mind and i can share ONE at a later date , but that will entirely be up to him as i certainly respect the wishes of ALL men that i meet.

Finally, an advance warning....

EVERY year i STOP pleasuring guys from the month of May until October. This is because , during the warmer , summer months, should the weather be hot and sunny outside , i like to shoot off to the outdoor pool or seaside , in my free time. I also travel extensively abroad at this time.

So , if you are a dark skinned guy and have been holding off from meeting me , then i SUGGEST that you make a date to meet me next week , otherwise , i wont be free again until October 2015.  

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