3 May 2015

Week Ending May 1st 2015

On Wednesday April 29th i served FIVE men.

My first visitor saw the return of "Mr.Black Steel"
This is probably his third visit to me.

His first was on March 17th 2015 and you can read a report about his vist on the following page :

This sexy , handsome , HAIRY Black man is always a delight to serve.
His visit today was very short , probably only 10 or 15 minutes , as all he required was a blow job.

As a sex slave to Black men it is entirely acceptable for a black man , who might just happen to be in my area , to call in and get me to suck his dick as he needs to bust. The fact that he may only be here for 10 minutes or so is fine. It is ALWAYS ABOUT HIM , his needs, his desires , never about mine.

Here is a picture taken at one of his previous visits.

My second visitor i shall call "Borough Black". (Borough the name of an area of London)

At 1pm this man made his first ever contact with me on a website called Fabswingers.
By 3pm he was walking though my door !

He has a taught , muscular body and a long , 9 inch black cock.
He told me all i had to do was get on my knees and suck.
i did as i was told.
i then suggested that i rim him , so , he presented me with his funky arse hole and my tongue set to work bringing him pleasure.
Back to sucking him and then he shot his load.
He was here for about 15 minutes.
Again , he was a guy a need. A guy who had logged on to the internet and needed a slut to be on his dick.
Guys can waste their time sending messages back and forth to females , trying to link up when the REALITY is that a guy can message me and GUARANTEE that i will be on my knees for him , often in very little time at all.

He did not want any pictures taken since he was on the DL.

My third visitor i shall call "Dirty Desi".

This Indian Desi man contacted me through Fabswingers.
It turns out that he has been "stalking" me on the internet for quite some time.
He is an avid reader of this blog too.

He is a short in stature guy with a hairy body and beard which are both close clipped.

He had read my blog in depth and knew my limits and so he knew , before he arrived , what he could get away with !

i began by sucking his lovely , dark dick.
He quickly had me moved on to rimming his arse hole.
My tongue licked and lapped at his hole for twenty minutes. He loved every second of the pleasure that my tongue was bringing him.
The dirty bugger even tried to squeeze out some of his shit , to push in to my mouth on several occasions. Unfortunately , despite the lack of trying hard , he had no shit inside him.
You can see that this "nasty" guy would like to humiliate dirty sluts by shitting in their mouth for mental and sexual thrills.

He took me to the bedroom and proceeded to fuck me in all sorts of positions for at least 20 minutes. He is VERY talented at fucking.

All things must come to an end at some point , so , he bust his nut with him wanking himself whilst i fingered his hole.

My fourth visitor was a regular visitor of mine , who is a white guy !
This man visits me and pays me for my services.
You see , although i am a sex slave to dark skinned men , i WILL occasionally escort to White men.
You see some white men, many of which are readers of my blog, want to meet me and experience pleasure from me for themselves. Under these circumstances i will consider allowing them to visit me on a "paid for" basis.
Today , i spent an hour bringing oral pleasure to this man nd then , as he requested, put on a "show" for him , where i thoroughly used my hole with dildos, fucking myself and "gaping" for him , infront of his very eyes. He could not contain himself and soon shot his load as he was wanking as i abused my hole for him :-)

My fifth visitor you have probably read about on this blog , several times over the years.

"Mr. Beef" is  frequent visitor to me.
As his name suggests , he is a big , beefy , bull of a black man.
He snakes away from his girlfriend in order to avail himself of my services.

i sucked him , rimmed him , fingered him and then he fucked me.
He always busts when he fucks me - he loves my ass on his dick :-)

Friday 1st May turned out to be a strange day.

My diary had FOUR men lined up to visit me for pleasure.
i was even getting messages and emails from other men who wanted to visit me on this day. i had to turn them away , as i was "full".

What happened though was , as the times for my four dates approached , they all started falling away and cancelling at the last minute. They all had genuine reasons but it meant that my 1pm , then my 2pm , then my 4pm dates all failed to show. It also meant that time was too short to fit a "replacement" guy in to the schedule.

So , THREE guys who were due to visit me today failed to attend , for various , genuine reasons.

It just left me with my 6.30pm visitor.

"Black Bull Bedford" contacted me through a website called tvchix.

i had received pictures from him but , let me describe to you what presented when he walked through my door and stripped off.

He is a HANDSOME , bearded black man.
His body is absolute perfection. Ripped , muscular with the most amazing bubble butt that has ever presented on a man.
Imagine the black athletes lined up for the Olympic 100m race , their bodies are absolute perfection. Well , this man could step in to that line up and hold his own.

According to him , i was just the second tgirl that he had ever met.
He was very confident though that this was a path that he wanted to follow and i am VERY flattered that he wanted to experience pleasure from me.

This man , i am pleased to say , ws VERY taken with me too , which meant that he spent a full 2hrs in my company.
For the entire time , he barely touched his cock - it was MY duty to allow him to lie back and for me to become the pleasure provider to his big , 8.5inch cock.

Over the time that he was here , naturally i sucked him an awful lot.
i introduced him to rimming.
It is hard to believe that a man can reach probably around 30yrs of age and has never experience the mind blowing sensations of a slut serving his arse hole with her tongue.

He LOVED my rimming and we moved to the rimming box , where he locked my head inside , lowered his hole on to my lips and , for 15 minutes i brought waves of pleasure to his arse hole and bubble butt.

In the bedroom , he wanted his cock inside my arse.
So, i had him lie flat on my satin sheets, put a condom on him and then lowered my hole on to his big dick.
With release and contraction control , i milked his cock with my arse hole. He loved the feelings of my hole. A pussy can't give a cock sensations like that !

My cock rode his hole until my legs gave way , so , he told me to get on all fours and then he fucked me! His powerful thighs slammed in to me as i felt the full , huge extent of his pulsating cock.
At one point , he took me to my playroom , laid me on my back in the sling and fucked me in that position. He was swinging my body and my hole up and down on his meaty dick.

Back to the living room for more sucking. He also loved me using my hands , stroking the shaft of his cock and then tongue swirling the head. He shot his load whilst i did this.

i am pleased to have shown this man why a tgirl should be his "first choice".
Yes guys , by all means "date pussy" , eventually get married and have kids BUT there is no reason why YOU cannot have mind blowing sex with a confidential tgirl , like myself , on the side.
ALL married men should have a secret tgirl on the side who will show him what mind blowing sex is actually all about !

Naturally , i will now be honoured to provide several more tgirls for this hunk , when he attends future parties of mine with www.thedarkthrust.co.uk

Below is his creamy black seed , in my mouth , ready to be swallowed.


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