4 Apr 2015

Week ending April 4th 2015

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This week i was only able to pleasure on one day.

On Wednesday April 1st i pleasured FOUR men.

My first visitor was a regular visitor of mine , "Mr.Beefy".
This sexy , big , bull of a black man enjoyed my mouth and my ass :-)

My second visitor saw the return of "fitlad".

Gosh , i cannot believe it is 7yrs since i started pleasuring this sexy , young black boy. He was 22 in 2008 , so it must make him 29 now.
He does not look it though.
He could still pass for 22 !

He is of average height with deep , dark , black skin. He has a slim , toned body with GREAT pecs and a handsome face.

i have probably pleasured him about 5 times now and , if you do the mathematics , you can see he visits me about once per year.

It is so nice to know that guys can just carry on with their lives , fucking pussy , trying to find the one girl who will become the mother of their children BUT when they are in need , they can just get back in touch with me and have me waiting on my knees for them !

This lad has a strong , stiff 8 inch black dick.
It was a pleasure to suck him , to rim him and finally to get on all fours for him so that he could use the joys of my ass to pleasure his dick. Just before he shot his load in my ass he decided to withdraw and shot his spunk all over my face instead :-)

It is always such a thrill to serve him.
We did not take any pictures, so here are a couple from his previous visits.

My third visitor saw the return of "Mr.Reading"
i cant believe that it is 18 months since this sexy , young lad first visited me. Where does the time go ?
I first met this guy in October 2013 , you can read about his first visit on this page :

He is a handsome , mid 20's black boy. He has a delicious 8 inch black cock with a pink head. Oh i LOVE those pink headed black dicks!
It did not take me long to get on my knees and start sucking on it :-) It was so tasty and meaty in my mouth.
i also rimmed him , which he loved and then "slapped" his arse hole as i returned to sucking him again.
His arse hole was puckering from the attention i was giving it and i could tell he wanted more.
So , i slipped my finger up his hole and started "milking" his prostate . Well , as you can imagine , he was soon ejaculating his creamy cum down my throat !

After a little rest i got back to work with my mouth , bringing him back to full attention.

He wanted to fuck me , so i got on all fours as he put on a condom.
I felt the tip of his dick pressed against my sphincter , then he rammed home !
Soon his dick was entirely filling my hole.
His thrusting soon had the desired effect and he shot his load up my arse :-)

We did not take any pictures , here are some pictures from his previous visits.

My final visitor was , wait for it , a white guy !
He was a long term tgirl admirer who contacted me through a website called Fabswingers.

"Essex J" is a good looking guy from , you've guessed it , Essex !
He wrote to me telling me he wanted to get nasty and could rarely find sluts who would get as nasty as me !
His intention was to have me impaled on his fist !

He has a "Essex Geezer" accent which made me melt.
i showed him my playroom ! He had never seen anything like it and he was so excited.

i dropped to my knees and sucked his fat , 7 inch cock.
He was always close to cumming and he could not stop himself from shooting his load after just a few minutes.

We had a short break and then moved on to the "main event".

He put on latex gloves , he lined up the Crisco lube , the "poppers" and dildos.
He put me in the sling , on my back, with my arse facing him.
He began by selecting the smallest dildo and used it to open and stretch my hole.
He then moved on to a larger one , then a larger one then the largest.
The largest is as wide as a wine bottle with a big , bulbous head.
This dildo is so large that , when you push it in it will not actually come out ! You see , it is too big and heavy to "push" back out , so he stepped back and just admired the sight of this humongous dildo in my arse.
He had to take a good grip on it to pull it back out.
As you can imagine , he had now stretched me enough to take his fist.
So , he lubed up his gloved hand and , with gentle pressure , pushed his hand up my hole !

He was in his element. He told me that he had only once before fisted. It was the arse hole of a female and she had not been able to take him past his knuckles.

Because he had stretched me , he was able to get his entire fist up my arse , up to his wrist.

He then spent a long time just using and abusing my hole. He was fisting me , stretching me deeper and wider and eventually "punch fucking" my hole with his hands.
At one point he even introduced his cock , alongside his fist , IN my arse and began wanking himself off.
My gosh , it was mind blowing to see and feel him wanking himself off INSIDE my hole !

He withdrew his cock and maneuvered so that his cock was beside my face.
He leant over and thrust his fist up my arse again but this time he thrust his thick cock in my mouth too.
He was VERY verbal , calling me a nasty little glove puppet fuck whore as he pumped my mouth with his cock and pumped my arse with his fist.
Soon he was shooting his second load of spunk , this time , all over my face.

What a SENSATIONAL time i was able to provide this guy - giving over my holes for his filthy desires.
He showered and left , as he had some distance to travel back to his wife !!!

i cant wait for his next visit!

We did not take any pictures , but below you will find a picture of me with that GIANT dildo inside me and one of me with a fist up my arse !

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