12 Apr 2015

Week ending 11th April 2015

This blog usually updates on a Sunday

This week was a quiet week for me , due to my vehicle needing work , me needing to be available to go and collect it and then the garage and the garage failing to do the work in the time frame they suggested.
It means my week got totally screwed up and i was only able to pleasure cock on
Wednesday 8th April.

Due to cancellations , i pleasured just TWO men on Wednesday 8th April.

My first visitor was "Junior" which eludes to his screen name on the internet.
This HANDSOME, tall Black man , probably in his early 30's, has been trying to schedule a date with me for quite some time now. It has always just been a question of finding a convenient date for him to visit.
He is tall and his body is in great shape.
He has met tgirls before and was not slow to get his kit off and set me to work on his juicy , dark dick.

i sucked him for a while before he presented his arse hole to me , for rimming.
i rimmed him on the sofa and then he moved me to the rimming box , where he locked my head inside and then sat on my mouth.
My mouth and tongue then gave him a gloriously long session of bringing pleasure to his arse hole. He was close to cumming several times throughout our meet.

He was good at holding back though and , after he removed me from the rimming box he face fucked me for a while.

More rimming ensued on the sofa, followed by more sucking.

He decided he wanted to cum by me chewing his balls and then him shooting his COPIOUS amount of cum , all over my face :-)

He is a sensational mand and his visit now means that he gets direct entry to our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk gangbang parties , where i provide half a dozen or so tgirls for Black men to use.

i look forward to his visits in the future :-)

My second visitor was "Master Pleasure".

He is an early 20's Black lad who contacted me through a website called Fetlife. He has a profile on there as a Dominant who just likes to use sluts and train them to pleasure him in the ways that he desires.

i was to be his first ever experience with a tgirl.

He is below average height which made his HUGE cock look even bigger on his small frame. Lets say , his cock was totally out of proportion to the rest of his body - this boy is WELL endowed !

He has the MOST sensational hairy body. A hairy body on a black boy is very rare indeed. This lads legs were covered in hair and his little bubble butt and arse hole were hyper hairy too. 

He immediately dropped his trousers and set me to work on his cock.
At no time at all during his visit did he touch his cock himself , i was to become his cock slave.

i began by bringing pleasure to his cock with my mouth.  
He told me that he had never been rimmed and that was the reason for his visit to me today.

We moved to the rim box and i was in my absolute element as he lowered his hairy hole on to my face. My tongue lapped and caressed his arse hole. i brought waves of pleasure to his hole.
For something that he has never experienced before it turned out he likes it - A LOT !

He released me from the rimming box , went over to the sofa , got on all fours and presented his arse hole to me again. He told me to fetch lube and lube his dick. He then ordered me to deep rim him as i stroked his cock and balls. 

He was close to cumming throughout our meeting - he certainly found a new activity for himself which he absolutely loved.
His assertive , dominant character means that he has now found a "rimming slave" in me.

When he was ready to cum , he instructed me to lube his cock and wank him in a circular motion. i needed both of my hands to accomplish this , as his cock was so big.

In a very short time he was soon shooting his creamy , black spunk in to my mouth.

He is sensational and it will be an honour to be his pleasure provider whenever he decides that he needs to use me again.


My vehicle still needs attention and so i am guessing that it will interfere with my servitude to cock again next week. i will do my best to make myself available to men in need though, so , come back next Sunday for next weeks report.

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  1. WOW Tiffany...you are a perfect CockWhore...a role model for me!