4 Mar 2015

Week ending 1st March 2015

On Wednesday February 25th i had THREE guys booked in my diary and 3 of them cancelled at last minute. Made such a mess of my day and also meant that OTHER guys who wanted to come had been stopped from doing so. So annoying.

My salvation came in the form of "Bull Daddy D" who has visited me on several occasions in the past.

This older , "Daddy type" Black man , probably late 40's has the BIGGEST set of balls on him that you could ever see. Add to that he has a huge cock. About 9 inches long but as thick as a can of coke.
It really stretches my jaw to give him pleasure.

Today i sucked him , chewed his balls 9 one at a time though , since both will not fit in my mouth together!) , rimmed him and then he fucked my ass. GOOD JOB he was my only visitor today as he stretched my hole so wide. !!!

Here is a badly framed pic from a past visit. Sorry it does not convey the real size of his dick. You might look at it and think " well , it does not look that huge to me" and i guess you would be right thinking that from that picture angle. Try looking at the head and comparing it to the size of my lips - you can sort of make out that it could be quite substantial.

On Thursday February 26th i pleasured FOUR men.

My first visitor was "boy Dagenham".

This 18yr old Black lad from , you've guess it , Dagenham ( E.London) has randomly come across me online and said to himself " i want some of THAT treatment! "

Being so young and new to tgirls , i decided to take the lead. i was his "Mrs.Robinson".
i settled him in by sucking his delicious 7 inch cock.

As he settled in to the situation , i asked him if he would like me to rim him. He said that he had never had that done to him before. So , i explained to him that he was likely to LOVE it and , if he did not , just to tell me and we would stop.
Naturally , as my tongue got to work on stimulating all the nerve endings of his arse hole he LOVED every second. The sensation of my tongue , slurping at his puckered hole , brought waves of pleasure throughout his body.

i got back to sucking his cock and , by now , he was on fire !
i asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass ?
He then said that he had never done that before either !
So , i took a condom and rolled it down his black shaft.
Then i straddled him and just let the tip of his dick penetrate my hole.
i gently lowered my ass down on to his shaft , gripping and releasing as i went down.
He LOVED the feel of my ass hole "milking" his dick . No pussy can do that eh ? ! Thats why ass is always best :-)
i then picked up the pace and started to ride his dick.
To give him more control , we relocated to the bedroom , where he first fucked me doggy style and then he fucked me on my back , so that we could kiss.

After a while , he switched from fucking me by pulling out and having me suck him some more.
i fingered his hole and massaged his prostate and he shot his young load down my throat.

It is such a pleasure to lead the youth of today astray :-)

My second visitor i shall call "boy Hackney".

Yet another young Black lad , i guess about 21, saw me on a website called Adultfriendfinder.
He said that he had met tgirls in the past , so , it was a straight forward visit.

When he dropped his pants it revealed a lovely , rock hard , 9 inch black dick :-)

i gave him plenty of oral. He did not want to be rimmed , he said he does not like it !
So , he took me to the bedroom and fucked my ass. He shot his load in minutes ! Oh to be 21 again when you can shoot your load in minutes ! LOL

My third visitor saw the return of "Beefy". Regular readers of my blog will know that this beefy , black bull is a frequent visitor of mine.

My fourth visitor is a SERIOUS throat fucker. He asks not to be written about on this blog , as was the case on previous visits , so i will respect his wishes :-) 

So , that was my week - i only two days serving this week due to a hectic work schedule. xxx

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