9 Mar 2015

Week ending 8th March 2015

i only served cock on ONE day last week.

i was due to pleasure on Tuesday BUT the guys who had made dates with me all cancelled , for various reasons.
If this ever happens , i usually just log on to Fabswingers and have 3 or 4 guys asking to visit , within 10 minutes of logging on.
Today though , i just could not be bothered ! Hmm , my "mojo" was low i guess and so i just had a relaxing day by myself.

On Wednesday March 4th March i served FOUR men.

My first visitor saw the long overdue return of "Master Romania".
i last wrote about him on this page , last entry :


He is a strong, Romanian bull of a man who lives the BDSM lifestyle.
To him i am a "sex slave" , another piece of property for him and i am honoured to have that position.

Yes , he is a White guy ! i DO occasionally serve White men , but they must be VERY exceptional. Master Romania IS a very exceptional man.

As i am in training to him , to serve him in ways that he specifically desires , as his slave,  it feels "not quite right" to discuss or share the minute details of how i served him.
All i will say is  cocksucking , arse eating , being fucked in my arse , having HUGE toys rammed in my arse (to stretch it) followed through by his strong fists , finishing off with some toilet training ( yellow and brown) were all included as part of my training today.

My second visitor , would you believe it , was ANOTHER White Romanian Dominant man.
This shaved headed man is as handsome as David Beckham.
His visits are always short as he is so excitable and cums quickly. i am just honoured that it was MY mouth making him cum !

My third Visitor i shall call "boy Ab".
This teenage Black boy came to me through a swingers website called manjam.
Unfortunately he was 40 minutes late for his date which meant that i could only give him 15 minutes of my time , as i had another visitor arriving.
So , i spent the 15 minutes sucking him to completion and he fucked me in the ass !

My fourth visitor saw the return of "first timer Indian".
It is only about a couple of weeks ago that he made his first ever visit to me.
You can read about him in full detail here, under Thu 18th February :


His visit was much like th last one where i dressed HIM in sexy white lingerie to contrast against his dark skin colour. Yes , you heard that right - i do LOVE masculine boys wearing lingerie !

To cut a long story short , i sucked him , rimmed him , he fucked me and he fisted me all over a two hour "girlfriend experience" meeting.


  1. Greetings Tiffany,

    How lovely you look with a Big Black Cock in your mouth! I always look forward to your photos and posts

    Reading about the Romanian studs and their use of you has made for interesting reading lately. I'm particularly interested in what "Master Romania" has in store for you during future training sessions. He knows what a slut like you needs!

    Know that you are appreciated and encouraged by me, and all who read your blog, Tiffany. I hope you continue to love your servitude, and deepen and intensify it as all your horny wishes cum to pass!

    Mr Frost

  2. Mr.Frost , thank you for the latest of your many posts of appreciation.
    i do not know what Master Romania has in store for me , perhaps he will answer your question himself , as he reads my blog too :-)
    Thanks for your support , kind words and appreciation.

  3. Mr Frost, I am glad that you are interested in tiffany's servitude and that you follow her blog . Regarding the questiont that you asked above, I can't tell you exactly because I don't plan my sessions a long time before we meet...everything is natural and comes from inside, but what I can tell you for sure is that I will use all my knowledge to mentor and train her to become the best slave ever and train her in the depths of depravity.
    Many regards ,