22 Feb 2015

Week ending February 21st 2015

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On Wednesday 18th February i pleasured 3 men.

My first visitor i have seen several times before , over many years. He visited just wanting a blow job before heading home to his frigid girl friend. He has asked NOT to be written about in detail on my blog. So , i respect his wishes.

My second visitor i have met once before. On that last occasion he discovered that i was THE REAL DEAL and i am just here to provide pleasure. He too just likes to use my mouth as a fuck hole. He too has asked not to be written about in detail , so , i respect his wishes.

My third visitor came to me through a website called Adultfriendfinder. He told me he had seen lady boys in the streets of Thailand but had never had a sexual encounter with a tgirl before.

He is a Black African man i shall call "Mr.Explore".
In an email to me he said "would love you to bj me and maybe finger me and tougue my arse"

So , that is EXACTLY what i did for him . You see ,when a man visits me it is ALL about HIS needs and desires , i am just here to serve and provide him satisfaction.

He certainly was satisfied , as was proved when he bust his nut !

On Thursday 18th February i pleasured 2 men.

My first visitor i shall call "First timer Indian lad".

This 23yr old Indian lad from South London ( forgive me , he might be Pakistani , Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan etc..., but i will refer to him as Indian for now) had followed a google link to my website and contacted me.

He had never been with a tgirl before , so , it was all an adventure for him.

Let me tell you he has THE MOST handsome face , he is SUCH a sexy boy.
He has a boyish, slight,  body which made his out of proportion big , thick , 8" dark cock look even bigger! It was delicious and quite a surprise.

As he was a newbie , i started by introducing him to the joys of my mouth. He loved my lips , tongue and throat getting to work on his dark meat.
He had never been rimmed before but said he was game to try anything. So , he presented me with his arse and i was THRILLED to be presented with a VERY hairy ass , hair all over his ass cheeks. Oh, i do LOVE a hairy ass.
My tongue flicked and lapped at his hairy asshole and i sent him in to spasms of ecstasy.

I then teased his nipples and i commented that his breasts were quite large. You see , his pecs were not toned, he has , what i call "bitch tits" ! i said "my gosh , your tits would look so good in a bra"!
He said "then go for it".

So , i took him in to my bedroom and proceeded to dress him in stockings , suspenders , panties and bra.
You might think this unusual for me , since i like my "men to be men."
Well , the thing is , i actually have a huge fetish for seeing MASCULINE men in lingerie. i think men look REALLY hot dressed like this , but only if they remain masculine and don't go all "girly" on me. There was no chance of that , from this masculine lad.
i cannot begin to tell you how hot he looked in full lingerie.
He LOVED the feel too of nylons on his legs and the suspender belt perfectly framed his hairy ass. This boy looked HOT , HOT , HOT !

Now , you can't be dressed like a bitch and then actually not become one. So , i made him MY bitch. i pushed him down on the bed and made him pleasure MY cock !

He had never touched a penis before and he loved it !
He was so turned on he said , "get a condom".

He proceeded to take pleasure with my ass. i say "take pleasure" because for a lot of the time , he actually wasn't rapid fucking me. He experimented , slowly , giving me his entire length , then pulling out. He was enjoying the feeling of resistance , then relaxation and the the gripping of my ass muscles, "milking" his cock. No pussy can do this , no pussy can give the pleasure that my ass gives !

He alternated between slow experimentation to hard fucking. He was loving every second.
Soon , he was "gaping" me. My ass was in the air and i opened wide and he could look right up inside my hole.
He said he wanted to get his hand in there , to fist me. Regrettably , i had to tell him no , because it would have stretched my ass too much and i had a major party , serving 10 guys , the following night ( more on that later) and i had to keep my hole relatively tight for THEM !

When he was ready to cum , he stood up and wanked , as i fingered his hole.
He shot gallons of cum all over my face :-)

He said he had a fantastic time and wants to come and see me EVERY day !
Well , every day is a bit too frequent - i want him to keep it "special" for as long as possible and not make it too routine , therefore , i am happy to pleasure him once a week.

My second visitor came to me through a website called fabswingers.
This young Arab lad i shall call "Arab Bear"

This sexy guy is your typical "bear". He is hairy all over and has a full beard. He is also "substantial" in build.

As soon as he arrived , he stripped off , reveling his VERY appealing hairy body to me.
i got down on all fours and started by giving oral pleasure to him.
He presented me with his hairy ass and i soon got to work with my tongue.
We moved to the bespoke "rimming box".
He locked my head in the box and then sat down. The box has a hole in the top , which exposes my mouth and face. He positioned his arse hole over my mouth and then i set to work , bringing waves of ecstasy to him , rimming him with my tongue.  

i worked him in to a frenzy and so he let me out of the box and told me to get a condom. i took him to the bedroom , got on all fours , presented him with my ass and then he fucked me hard.
He soon shot his Arab Cum inside me :-)

On Friday February 20th i hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

Tonight TEN handsome , virile , horny black men were provided with SIX sexy , greedy tgirls in my apartment.
The men had twelve holes ( mouths and asses) to give them pleasure.
The girls , just like me, are just there to provide pleasure . To be used and treated like whores and unable to refuse ANY of the men who wanted to use them.

It was a scene of total debauchery. My parties are like being in the middle of a porn movie.
There is no sitting around , no chatting , just gurls being taken to a bedroom (or the dungeon playroom) and being made to bring pleasure to Black Dick !
No guy leaves until he is satisfied. He can just use his "favourite" or he can use all six gurls.

i can tell you then about MY experience tonight. 

i gave oral pleasure to several guys. i was still waiting for my ass to be used , to be fucked.
As the night went on "Mr.Dragon" , whom i have written about several times on this blog , took me to my playroom.

He laid me in my sling , on my back and placed my ankles in stirrups.
So , my ass was exposed over the lip of the sling.
He passed me poppers and told me "you are gonna need a hit of these".
He took a HUGE dildo , greased it and fucked it in to my arse hole. He really stretched my hole and it was gaping in-front of his eyes.

He then went and grabbed a black , latex glove. He liberally lubed his hand and said "you had better take another hit of poppers".
He then proceeded to work his hand up my arse.
Once his hand was fully inserted , i expected him to then have more fun. Instead he said , "carefully get to your feet , with my hand still inside you , we are going for a walk".
i got to my feet. Gosh , it was such a horny sensation , both mental and physical , to know that i was now stood up BUT there was a fist up my arse.

He walked me to the living room , where there were about 6 others in various states of play. i passed him a drink as he sat down and i was stood next to him.
Nobody knew that whilst he was just sitting there , enjoying his beer , that he had his hand up my arse.
When the time came to reveal his "secret" , he bent me over and said "look guys" . The men in the room were, at first, shocked to see what was happening right in front of them. Many of them had never seen anything like this . There i was , impaled on his fist , unable to go anywhere as i was under his total control. The guys got over their  initial shock and then began to find the whole scene really exciting. i could tell this by the way they increased their rhythm as they throat and ass fucked the other tgirls nearby.

Blackdragon then took me to the bedroom , where he told me to get on all fours on the mattress.
The others in that room were also amazed to see that he had his fist up my arse.

Blackdragon then proceeded to give my ass a HEAVY work out with his fist. He went deeper inside me , twisted and turned his fist , pulled out , went back in and then proceeded to punch fuck me.
He was using my hole as a punch bag as his big , black fist piston fucked my gaping hole.
The other guys enjoyed the show as they ass fucked the other tgirls around me.

Gosh , Blackdragon is such a nasty , kinky , creative Bull and I LOVE HIM for that.

So , if you are a Black bull reading my blog and would like the opportunity of having six (or more) tgirl whores lined up in front of you , holes lubed and ready , then , get in touch. Maybe YOU will get an invite to my parties :-)

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