29 Mar 2015

Week ending March 28th 2015

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This week , i served cock on two days and i pleasured SIX men.

On Tuesday March 24th i served 4 men.

My first visitor i shall call "boy B"

This very young man contacted me through a tgirl contact site called Birchplace.
Despite him being on that site , he had actually never met a tgirl before and so i was honoured to be his first.

This 22yr old , good looking black boy is from East London. He is short in stature but has a massive cock ! It is always strange but exciting to see a small framed boy with a totally out of proportion to the rest of hos body , cock. So, thrilling.

The poor boy was 35 minutes late for his appointment which left him with only 15 minutes with me , before my next date arrived.
So , it was not an optimal meeting , but , i guess it gave him a taste of what a true devotee to black boys has to offer.

It was a joy to suck his delicious cock before he bent me over and fucked me in the ass !

My second visitor i shall call "Mr. D".

He had seen my website , and siad that he had never met a tgirl before.
i think he was amazed and very pleased that , within 24hrs of first contacting me , i was on my knees , before him , blowing his cock !
This 30 something black man was very handsome and his beard was especially appealing.
As he asked , i sucked his dick and he cum by wanking and shooting his spunk all over my face !

I can hardly believe it is almost a year since "bull boy" last visited me.
Today he was my third visitor.
You can read all about his first ever visit to me, almost at the bottom of the page at :

He is a VERY young black boy , maybe 20yrs old who is large in body/frame. He has legs like tree trunks and a chest like a ships barrel. He is what you cal a "black bull" , meaty , thick set and strong.

Today i sucked him , extensively rimmed him and he fucked me in all sorts of positions in the bedroom,

Here is a picture we took when he last visited me in April 2014.

My fourth and last visitor of the day saw the return of "first timer Indian lad".
I cannot believe that just 6 weeks ago this handsome , dark young lad had never even met a tgirl before. Now , here he was again , this is his THIRD visit !
Gosh , how flattering to know that guys want to come back and see me for more and more..

No need for me to do a big write up on him here again , you can read about him on his February 21st visit on the following link:

Today , this handsome , sexy boy with a VERY big cock had me suck him , rim him and present my ass to him for fucking !

Here is a picture from one of his last visits.

On Wednesday March 25th i pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor i shall call "Mr. Silk".

He connected with me through a website called "Adultfriendfinder".
He actually connected with me four months ago but he has never been able to set a definite date as he was reluctant to send me his face picture.
i NEVER meet men whos' face picture i have not received , as i don't invite faceless people in to my home. i also need to be very attracted to a guy , in order to pleasure him.
You see , for every man i pleasure , i turn down about 20 !

Well , i guess it took him 4 months to convince himself that i am indeed hyper confidential about my visitors. i am so, so concerned about keeping the identity of my admirers an absolute secret.
After solid 8yrs of serving men as a sex slave , i have NEVER and will never compromise anyone. You can do an internet search of my screen name and you will not find a single bad word written about me. i am the GENUINE article. A sex slave to men who serves them in every way that they want , all in absolute secrecy and privacy.

He initially wrote to me describing himself as 6ft 4" , 14 stone (196lbs)  , 7" dick. What he did not mention though is that he EXTREMELY handsome :-)
This man had simple desires , he just wanted to lie back whilst i pleasured his big , black cock.
And this is what he did. For 40 minutes he laid , back , closed his eyes and drifted off , feeling the pleasure that my mouth and hands brought to his cock and the sensations my tongue and lips brought to his ass as i rimmed him :-)
He shot his load wanking his cock , whilst i sucked on the end.

No pictures i am afraid , he likes to keep a low profile.

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr. Black Steel" whom i pleasure just last week !
You can read about his visit here :

This hairy "bear" of a black man MANAGED to stop himself from cumming many , many times during our meet today. He had to hold off as i was turning him on so much :-)

He loves me sucking him as he fucks my hole with dildos , before he shoots his load !

i was not available to pleasure on any other days , however , on Saturday March 28th i held a 

Eight , hot , sexy , greedy , tgirls , some who had had traveled from places as far away as Cheshire and Yorkshire, provided their warm , moist holes for invasion by eight , hot , eager , horny Black men. All , including myself , were thoroughly used like cheap whores. We were certainly put in our place and we relished in every minute :-)

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