15 Feb 2015

Week ending February 14th 2015

This blog updates every Sunday

On Wednesday February 11th i served four men.

My first visitor was "Asian M" (He could have been Indian , Bangladeshi or Pakistani, not sure) from E.London.

He is a young , dark guy who had seen my website and had written to me.
He wanted a cocksucker and that is what he found in me.
i sucked his cock for the longest time , until he shot his load. He left happy :-)

My second visitor i have met before on a few occasions. "Mr.Sexy French" is a tall , handsome Black French man. He is tall ,like a basketball player. It is lovely when a really tall guy visits me , as i am 6'2" in my heels and it is lovely when a man is taller than me.
i need to cast my mind back to 3yrs ago , when he first contacted me through a site called Adultfriendfinder. At THAT time , he had never met a tgirl.
i was honoured to be his first.
He likes to visit , strip off and lie back on the sofa, eyes closed , as i work my magic on his dick with my talented mouth.
It is exciting to have his BIG Black cock in my mouth , look up and only see his head tilted , with his eyes closed and hear the moans of pleasure and ecstasy escaping his mouth. Gosh , to know i am bringing so much pleasure is SO fulfilling for me. To watch his entire body twitch and react and then feel his big black dick spasm and then finally shoot his spunky load down my throat is amazing.

No pictures i am afraid , he did not want any taken.
It is always such a pleasure to serve him in this way though.

My third visitor , i shall call "Boy S".

This beefy , black , lad in his mid-20's is a builder. (construction worker)
He is no-nonsense and assertive.
He arrived and immediately tied my hands behind my back.
He stripped off his trousers and pants and his dick was there in front of my face.

He said "Listen carefully. i am here because i seek a cock sucker. i just LOVE my cock being sucked. YOU state that you LOVE to suck cock - so , thats what your only role will be today. Now, get my dick in your mouth and get to work and make a good job of it".
i sucked him as he was standing up , almost loosing my balance as i was unable to move my bound hands to steady myself. He sat down and i was on my knees. i sucked , slurped and gulped his cock and every time i toppled over , it just meant that i fell further on to his cock , so that it lodged deep down my throat.

He was LOVING every single moment. In basic terms , i just became a human sucking machine.
i was LOVING every second , as it really fucked with my head space.
i was regulated to just becoming a sucking machine. He did not look at me , spoke no words to me - he just laid back and felt the pleasure in his cock.
In just ten minutes , he could not contain himself any more and he shot his creamy load of cum down my throat.

As he dressed , i asked him if i had served him well. He said "Oh yes, VERY much. So much infact that i want you to be my suck machine EVERY day. i no longer need to wank - i will just be using your mouth instead"
And so , you are likely to read , in future , about frequent visits from this chunky boy.
No pictures, sorry , he did not want any take.

My fourth visitor was "MasterM".
This handsome , assertive , dark skinned male , i am guessing in his 30's , contacted me through a website called Fetlife. Fetlife is for the nastiest and kinkiest of Players.
He is an assertive BDSM Master who lives in Bristol.
He was SO taken by my submissive nature that , within 48hrs of initial contact , he had booked a train ticket and a hotel to London , in order just to visit me.

When he arrived he ordered my to bring him rope. He bound my arms in three places behind my back and then tied my ankles together. He then took a blindfold and then secured that over my eyes.
i was unable to see anything or move.
All i was aware of were the sounds in the room.
i could hear him getting undressed.

Next i felt something fleshy against my lips. It was his cock. i realised this as his rigid cock parted my lips and entered.
Just like my last visitor , i was to be reduced to just being a compliant cock sucker.
Unable to move , unable to see , the relentless fucking of my face began.
He face fucked me for the longest time and in all sorts of positions.
Often , he forced his entire length down my throat. This cut off my air and made me gag. He was vicious and just kept my head there. As i ran out of breath , a moment away from sheer panic , he would lift my head and gallons of spit and drool would expel from my throat.
At times, he also presented his arse hole to me. i only knew this when my head moved forward and my mouth could no longer feel a cock. Instead , i could feel a mound of flesh in front of me and , as i stuck my tongue out , i could feel the taste and texture of his arse hole and , like a good , compliant slut , i lapped it up for him.

At some point , he placed me on all fours on the sofa. Since my arms were tied behind my back and my ankles were strapped , i found my shoulders and face pressed in to the sofa. It meant that my ass was exposed and raised in the air.
He took a black , rubber but plug , thrust it in my ass and then returned to my face and facefucked me some more as i felt the stretch of the butt plug in my ass hole.
After a while , he removed the plug , greased his hand and then worked his hand UP my ARSE!
He had mis hand up my hole as i was tied , blind folded and unable to move. i was at his complete mercy , there was no escape as he enjoyed stretching my hole and watching me squirm.

After a while , he removed his hand from my hole and returned to face fucking me more.
By now i was an exhausted , helpless wreck and i could offer no resistance whatsoever as he pounded his dick in my mouth.
He then , bust his nut.

i collapsed , exhausted , unable to see or move but i could hear him getting dressed.
After a few minutes i felt his approach and he began to untie all of my ropes.
Although free he told me not to move and to keep the blindfold on.
He said i was only allowed to move and remove the blindfold  , when i heard the closing of my front door.
i heard his foot steps leave the room , i heard the door open , i heard it close. He had left.
i removed the blindfold and stretched my aching limbs.
i looked down to see the pools of drool covering my wooden floor as i was still tasting his spunk in my mouth. He was gone.

No pictures , sorry , he did not want any taken.

On Thursday February 12th i pleasured two men. (Alas , two others cancelled at the last minute).

My first visitor was "Mr.Beefy". He has been a regular visitor of mine for more than 5yrs. He visits me in his lunch hour , or sometimes after work before he goes home to his girlfriend.
As his name suggests , he is a solidly build Black man in his thirties , with a big "beefy" body and deliciously thick Black cock.
i sucked him and he fucked me in the arse. It is always a pleasure to serve him.
No pictures , sorry , he never wants any taken.

My second visitor saw the return of "Master Russia".
He last visited me 2 months ago and you can read the detailed , graphic , horny report about how he used me and fisted me on the following page , on December 4th.


Today , he just wanted a blow job and to fuck. i was honoured to provide him my holes again.
No pictures , sorry , he did not want any taken.

On Friday 13th February i pleasured two men. One other cancelled at the last minute.

My first visitor saw the return of "Dark J." This sexy , dark skinned Mauritian lad , in his early 20's is very tall , handsome and hairy. i first pleasured him in October 2014.
For this visit i sucked his delicious cock and he fucked my ass.
No pictures , he did not want any taken.

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.Dragon".
He is such a frequent visitor of mine now that i ought to give him his own page !!!
He is a sensationally good looking Bull of a man. Maybe late 30's.
He has a sexy cockney geezer accent, a fit body and an 8/9 inch cock that is ALWAYS rock hard.

We had a "mega session" where i sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me. He then put me in to my sling in my playroom and fisted my arse! He fisted me in all sorts of position, even standing up !
The mental thrill of being stood up with a man with his fist up my stretched hole , as he walks me around the room is sensational. He has total power over me. Every movement is decided upon by him. i am in such a vulnerable position and so he is the one who dictates whether his fist pulls back a little , to give me some relief , or whether he just pushes up further in to my ass , impaling me more.
At times he ordered me to "ride" his hand , at other times he pushed me on to all fours and punch fucked my hole - like he was punching a punching bag.
He was SO excited himself , that , when he could take no more excitement , he withdrew his fist , took me to the bedroom , laid me flat on the bed , laid on top of me and proceeded to brutally fuck me. My arse was so sore but he showed no mercy. As i bit the pillow begging him for mercy , he shot his creamy load inside me.
He is a sensational Dominant and i cannot wait to serve him again next week.

Below is a picture we took at a previous visit of his.

This coming week , i shall only be pleasuring in private on Wednesday and Thursday.
On Friday night i will be hosting one of our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties. They are gangbangs for Black Bulls and tgirls. We already have 12 Black men and 7 tgirls set to attend. At parties like this , i am available for all 12 men to use me , for their pleasure :-)


  1. Tiff - sensational time with you on Friday, you took a lot of punishment in your hole. You're a superb slut! Looking forward to the Dark Thrust party this Friday, more holes willing and waiting!

  2. @Mr. Dragon , ALWAYS a pleasure Sir. Tiffany xxxx