21 Dec 2014

Week ending December 20th 2014

This blog update ever Sunday

On Wednesday December 17th i went to a sex club called Sweetwednesday.


It is a club for tgirls and admirerers and it was their Christmas Party.
i always go to this particular event every year , as i like to catch up with firends and have a bit of public fun too.

i arrived at about 5pm and the club was PACKED ! I'd guess at about 70 tgirls and 50 admirers in this tiny basement club.
People were having full sex in the basement playrooms, solso and in groups , with lots of people also crowding around to watch.

i caught up with tgirl friends whom i have not seen for many months and was also flattered to have been complimented by many men who had seen my blog and website.

The highlight of the night for me WAS to have met up (pre-arranged) with a handsome Indian lad that i know. His desire tonight was to FIST my ass , infront of the crowds of people.  i must admit , i was excited of the prospect , not just for the feeling of his power over me and the filling of my ass with his fist , but also the spectacle that it was going to create , infront of dozens of people.

Regrettably, at 6.30pm i got a text from him saying that he was trapped in work and could not come :-(
Oh , such a shame.

Anyway , i guess that fantasy remains unfulfilled , so , if ANY guy would like to give me a public fisting in a similar venue ( white or black guy) , do get in touch.

i made the most of the evening by pleasuring THREE Black men in there. There was a total of 5 men of dark skin colour inside there and so , me pleasuring three of them , was a good result !

On Thursday December 18th i pleasured TWO dark men at home.

The first was a Black boy who had seen my videos online and contacted me via email.
i will call him "Junior"
It was his first time meeting a tgirl.
This HANDSOME black lad had a lovely 7 inch cock.

He took pleasure in throat fucking me hard until he shot his load down my throat.
After a short rest , he took me to the bedroom , wrapped his dick in a condom and fucked me in the ass.
He fucked me in several positions before opting for the final one where i was laid flat out on the bed with him on top of me. His entire weight of his body pressed down on top of me whilst he pinned me down by the wrists. His cock hammered away at my ass hole.
Just before he cum he pulled out , removed the condom and shot his load all over my ass cheeks :-)

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.J"
He first visited me on February 8th 2014 and you can read a report about that visit on the following page , second from the bottom.


Today i sucked him and rimmed him. He loved the sensation of his tongue on his arse hole.
i then fingered him , i penetrated his arse hole with my finger and stimulated his ring and his prostate with my finger. He LOVED it and shot his creamy load all over his belly !

Round two , he took me to the bedroom and fucked me in the ass. Soon , he was shooting his second load.

We did not take any pictures today , here is a pic from his last visit.

On Friday December 19th i went to a club called CandyGirls

It is a tgirl and admirers club in Sunbury, an area about 10 miles from the centre of London.
It was their Christmas Party , which i attend every year.
When i arrived at 11pm the place was packed. I am guessing about 140 tgirls and 20 admirers (men).

This was NOT looking good for me . Just 20 admirers !
The tgirls themselves appeared to only be there to "socialise" too. They were dressed in their finest party clothing and were just enjoying the socialising and dancing.

The playrooms downstairs were quieter than i had ever seen them in the past.
Some gender females were being spanked and whipped in the dungeon room , but , that was not my interest.

It did not bode well for me. There was a total lack of sexual tension in the building , it was not sleazy and horny at all. Now , this MIGHT be good for tgirls who want to "be a woman" for the night , but not for ME who wants to be a "slut for the night".

I was PRAYING that more men would arrive , men whom i was attracted to , not the middle aged, portly white guys in suits who were there already. 

As i had given friends a lift and i was the designated driver , we had agree to stay until around 2am.

After midnight i DID manage to pleasure TWO Black men who had arrived. Regrettably , the "scenes" were short , as they were saving their load for play with other gurls throughout the night ( can't blame them)

i was speaking to a white , male BDSM Master upstairs and he informatively told me that he too thought that the majority of the gurls here tonight were just here to socialise in their finest atire and not here to play. He said on a "normal" night , there was usually a LOT of action and sex.
i had to agree with him , as i have been on past "normal" nights and there HAS indeed been plenty of action.

So , at 2am , my friends and i left. Black Master Brix, the Black guy i had given a lift to, also confirmed that he had accomplished very LITTLE action and that all the gurls he approached just wanted conversation!

Ahh well , the moral for me is never to go to Candygirls on a "special event" night again but i WILL go there in future , as usually it can be a hot bed of filth :-)

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