14 Dec 2014

Week ending December 13th 2014

Not much to report this past week.

The decorating of my apartment NEEDED to be finished , as it has been going on in dribs and drabs for weeks.
I decided to use all of my free time this week to finish it completely.
Therefore , i did not pleasure ANY men on a one-to one basis.
My diary opens up , as normal (ish) , next week.

On the night of Friday December 12th i hosted a gagn bang party for


SIX sexy , greedy , tgirls were provided and pleasured EIGHT hunky , sexy, insatiable black men.
There is never any entry fee to my parties.

The lounge and bedroom were available , along with the playroom which includes a sling , a fuck bench and  lockable stocks.

Girls were taken to the room of choice by the black bulls and their holes were THOROUGHLY used by the black guys.

I myself was pushed on to the bed and a Black guy with a dick as thick as a beer can fucked me in the ass. i was making too much noise and so a tall , handsome, athletic black guy forced his 9 inch cock in to my throat and facefucked me. That shut me up ! So , i was spit roasted for as long as these guys desired.

After they had used me , they just left me in a crumpled heap and moved on to the next gurl.

Our next Dark Thrust Party will be at the end of January , we hold them every 4 - 6 weeks.

Black men and sexy , convincing, slim tgirls are all welcome to apply to join us , through the Dark Thrust website application process.


  1. Wow love it your playroom looks like a very well stocked kinky sex shop bob xxx