9 Dec 2014

Tiffany is too extreme ? Readdressing the balance !

It has been playing on my mind that some of my latest visitors have been doing extreme depravities with me recently and that it might be alienating some men who might have considered visiting me , but now MIGHT have been put off !!!

First , a re-visit of what i am is in order.

i am a sexual submissive. i bring pleasure to men and ask nothing in return. It FULFILLS me to know that they have been able to use me as a sex provider, a pleasure giver and that they leave my apartment knowing that they have been satisfied and eager to come back for more.

It pleases me to know that they feel free to use me however they wish , i am just the object for their release.

Lately, a lot of men have wanted to act out their extreme desires with me , stuff that they could not do with their girlfriends or wives etc... I am HAPPY that they have found in me , someone who is open minded , kinky , experimental and eager to serve them and fulfil their needs.

To get things in to perspective though , extreme men are in the minority of men who visit me.

Many men just want sucking , rimming and to fuck ass.

SOME men , many of whom i have been seeing for several years , just want a simple blow-job on their way home from work , before they go home to a frigid wife.
Some men simply knock on my door , i let them in , they get their cock out at the door and put my mouth to work. They shoot their load after 5 minutes , turn around and leave without even saying thank you. They don't need to thanks me , because after one visit to me , they own me as their cum dump.

So , if you are considering visiting me but thinking " no she is too extreme for me" then let me just say....

i do not EXPECT extreme use. i do not expect you to do anything that you are not comfortable with or is pushing your limits too far. Infact, your visit is ALWAYS about YOU , your needs and desires. What happens is totally decided upon by you. i make no demands or suggestions. i have no expectations. If you just want a simple blow job or a throat to fuck - then that is perfectly ok. 

i am simply a sexual submissive who is here to provide pleasure in the way that YOU desire.
So , please do not be put off by some of the extreme things that you might read and think " this is too much for ME" - just tell me your needs , even if they are basic - and i will serve you in the way in which YOU desire.



  1. Thank you tiffany that is very helpful having recently discovered your blog I must admit I think I would feel a bit intimidated by you maybe feeling I would have to match up to some of the other men you have met but reading this makes it clearer that you are happy to serve in any way needed by men not just extremely perverse ways. Thank you bob xxx

  2. Thank You Bob for your comment. i NEVER ask men to do this to me , or that to me, so i never have any expectations or physical needs of my own. i am a true sexual submissive. My ONLY need is that a guy brings his cock to me and tells me to pleasure it. How it , or he is then pleasured is entirely up to him. i am always honoured and flattered when i am chosen for any task. Kisses, Tiffany xxxx

  3. Bob I can completely understand your concerns when I met tiffany I was wondering about what it would be like. She put me at ease got me a drink put some porn on and asked me what I would like. She moved around in her sexy outfit bent over as intructed then when I wad ready she was on her knees sucking my cock and for the next hour pleasured my cock balls and hairy arse until I was ready to unload all over her face. It was fantastic and I would now have gone further with her but was not able to at the time. I would say do it you won't be disappointed disappointed tiffany is exactly what you see her a cock pleasing whore xxx

  4. Thank you tiffany that makes me feel a lot more comfortable about things and simb your time sounds very enjoyable bob