30 Nov 2014

Week ending November 29th 2014

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A quieter than normal week for me this week. I had my usual Wednesday diary. On Thursday i could not be available and on Friday i WAS available , but , guys cancelled and by 3pm , with my day empty , i decided to close down my diary for the day and take the day off.
So Wednesday was the only day that i served cock this week.

On Tuesday 25th November one of my regular , WHITE guys visited and purchased my services as a whore. i DO escort to white men , who wish to use me .

On Wednesday 26th November i pleasured 2 men.

My first visit saw the return of "Mr.Beef".
He is a VERY frequent visitor to me. i have written about him several times in the past and so won't write much about him here. Lets just say this sexy , stocky, muscle bull enjoyed the pleasure of my mouth , tongue and ass :-)

My second visitor saw the return of "ikkle".
This Handsome, tall , sexy , strong , nasty ( in the nicest possible way) , hunk of Black beef visited me just last month , on October 14th.
In fact , there are several reports about his visits on my blog.

Today , i opened the front door to him and he ordered me to get down on my knees. His dick was hard as it sprang from his trousers and my mouth went to work immediately. 
After a short while he took me to the living room , where i went to work on his cock again.
He likes his cock and balls to be REALLY slimy and so he deliberately forced his cock down my throat , to reach my gag reflex, in order for me to produce as much spittle slime as possible. He likes to get me really messed up as his onslaught of my mouth continues at a furious pace. He called me the nastiest things under the sun as he certainly knows that i am just his whore , to do as he says.

He took me to the rimming box and locked my head in place. He lowered his funky arse hole on to my lips and told me to get to work. i rimmed him for as long as he decided , before he released me and got my mouth back to work on his big, hard cock.

He told me time was short and so he got me to chew his balls as he wanked his cock. Soon he was busting his nut all over my face.
He went to the bathroom , cleaned up and then left. 
He certainly knows that he has found a good , compliant slut in me and it is always an immense pleasure and honour when he decides to visit me :-)


  1. A very quiet week which is a shame let's hope more men need a slut to fulfill there kinky desires this week xxx

  2. It was Sim B. This week is looking busier. You can always see how many men i am LIKELY to be pleasuring in a week , by checking my online diary at www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk
    Tiffany xxxx

  3. Oh yes had forgotten about that it does look busier this week hopefully they all turn up ! I have been reading your erotic stories on your website I only just seen them very sexy I hope you get to write more as get me very horny �� xxx

  4. I particularly like the one where you are a slave to black men to use you while they drink beer and watch football. The ending with them wanting to have you chained in a room free to use as a whore in the city is a great idea not sure if actually possible though. Keep up the great writing if possible but more importantly keep being a superb whore xxx

  5. Thanks for your latest comments Sim b. i am glad that you liked my erotic stories on my website. Being kept, chained, by a man (or men), at a location and the cities population of men dropping in to use me is entirely POSSIBLE though. It is not too far removed from what i do now , serving men on certain days of the week. So , it is not too far fetched a scenario. Tiffany xxxx

  6. I suppose not the only difference would be your master would be the one controlling who was aware of you availability. I am intrested to see your dairy today says you are unavailable due to being fisted and wrecked looking forward to hearing about that !!!

  7. Well yes , my captor(s) would be the only one(s) aware of my captivity and location and it would be up to him (them) to publish that information that i guess. As a chained slave i would be provided with exercise and nutrition but i would have to provide my body to all visitors that my captor brought in, to provide them pleasure with no choice in the matter :-)