18 Nov 2014

Reminder: White guys can meet me too !

As you know , i am a sexual submissive to Superior Dark Skinned men. i am not an escort , my service is free to the Superior Dark Male.

i am flattered though by the attention that white ( caucasian) men give me, it is nice to know that i also turn you on too.
i still get white guys contacting me to meet me though.

So , here is the deal....

White men can meet me as an escort. My rate will be £100 per hour ( and when you do your internet search you will see that THAT is a VERY competitive price.
Truck drivers who throw on a dress and call themselves tgirl escorts charge £80 - so , with me , at least you know you are getting a product that is more appealing than that.

Your £100 gift WILL be used in order for me to buy more outfits , more toys , more of ANYTHING that it takes to enhance my servitude to Black men. YOU inferior white guys will KNOW that YOUR money will be going to fund the pleasure of Black men. i do hope that appeals to you ???

Naturally, your visit will be tailored to your needs and desires to make it memorable for you, it WONT be a case of taking your cash , making you cum then throwing you out of the door.
You can already tell from my blog that i am genuinely interested in giving maximum pleasure to men. i will do the same for YOU. Men who have purchased me before have ALWAYS come back for more , so , that speaks for itself.

So , if you are a guy who does not fit in to my normal preference of Dark Skinned men , aged 16- 55 who are not overweight, then you can still get to use me as an escort, if you desire.

To arrange - do mail me direct :
Pls mention that you wish to purchase me as a whore when you write though.




  1. Tiffany is well worth it I sadly have only been able to purchase her once due to not being in London but I had a great time using her as my whore and left her difiled and my balls well and truly drained. Highly recommend this slut

  2. Thank You Sim B for your lovely comment. Tiffany xxx

    1. You are welcome I am just sorry my circumstances have changed and is even more difficult to see you as I enjoyed myself and i really would like to take things further than we did on my previous visit. I still have the photos of you covered in my spunk which gets my cock hard every time x

  3. i am so flattered Sim B, thanks, you lovely man. Tiffany xxx

    1. You gave me the best deep throat I have ever had never been sucked for so deep and long. You on your knees ready to serve is sensational I regret not having fucked you and used you more. Which is why still love this blog. Though I have manged to get my wife to improve her technique but can't take it as deep as you !!! Xxx