23 Nov 2014

Week ending November 22nd 2014

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On Wednesday November 19th i pleasured two men.

My first visitor i shall call "boy bear"

This young student from Brazil ( visiting UK for studies) has a handsome face and a divine , full beard. He looks like a young "bear". i do LOVE men with beards.

He is paler skin than i normally go for , but , i could not resist meeting and serving him as he is SO sexy looking.

Well ,when he arrived he was so hot for me and so excited i had to calm him down !!! He was in a semi-frenzy just in the anticipation of the pleasure that i would give i had to slow it right down !
Nevertheless , i have a feeling for these types of things and , because i knew that he was SO sexually charged , i knew that this visit would be a short one.

i sucked his delicious cock and then introduced him to rimming. He had never had it done to him before and he LOVED it :-)

i got him so worked up that he said he wanted to fuck my ass.
It was wonderful riding his cock , but , as i suspected , he shot his load within a couple of minutes :-(

He was SUCH a sexy boy though that i do hope he decides to visit me again and use me for longer.

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr. Caro" who i have not seen since January 2nd 2014.
You can read about his last visit here :


This HANDSOME , SEXY , GLORIOUS Portuguese lad , in his 20's, had promised that if he ever visited me again , then it would be to make me his human toilet.

We started by my sucking his delicious , thick , 8 inch cock. i love the way his cock jumps about as i bring him pleasure.
Next , he raised his legs and shoved my face in to his arse. My tongue soon got to work on rimming his delicious arse hole.
We moved to the rimming box and he locked my head inside as he took a seat on my face.
As i reached upwards and stroked his cock he tried to take a dump in my mouth.
He did his best to strain and push a log out , but , try as hard as he might , he was not able to push a turd out in to my mouth. He was empty.
He did however shoot his load over my tits at this time !

He released me from the box and told me to fetch my "piss hood".
He zipped me in to it and then used my mouth as his piss toilet. His piss streamed all over me and what i managed to catch in my piss hood, i swallowed.
My belly was not full of his piss as he face fucked me some more. ( See the video below).

After removing the hood , we moved back to the sofa and he face fucked me some more and shot his second load.

This boy is sensational - i do hope he does not leave his next visit as long as his last ! It is such a pleasure to serve him and his nasty , kinky desires :-)

Video Below

On Thursday i was called away from home so on
  Friday November 21st i served two more men.

My first visit saw the return of "Daddy" whom i fist met and pleasured in February 2013. So , no need for me to do a big write up again here. He is the first guy on this page :


Once again Daddy had sneaked away from his wife and kids and we had a total "girlfriend" experience :-)

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.Dragon".

This hot , handsome, sexy , top-league Black Daddy visits me quite often and his last visit was just a couple of weeks ago , which you can read about here :


He appears in this blog several times over the years and he also comes to my Black men and tgirl parties, TheDarkThrust.

On his last visit he had ordered me to wear full Burqa dress with hijab and niqab.
Today i was ordered to wear a REALLY short skirt , tight blouse and neck collar with lead.

When he arrived this slave gurl was pushed to her knees where is savored on his delicious , thick , 8inch cock.

He bent over and presented me his arse and my tongue got to work to bring pleasure to his arse hole.

He took me to the bedroom , took a condom and fucked me solidly in the ass for 15 minutes. He shot his load , removed the condom and then poured his cum down my throat.

He is a sensational man and i am honoured that he always chooses to use me as his cock whore.


  1. Another great blog tiffany nice to see you soaked in piss although I do prefer seeing you suck cock without the hood as love the way your eyes bulge when throat full with cock and just look of lust. But great at end seeing you soaked and difiled xxx

  2. Wow amazing never seen anything like that hood before just amazing you can just piss on you and you have to swallow it all. You are such a dirty kinky bitch that has made me so horny have wanked off twice today over this video would have liked to have seen more of you soaked when took the hood off bob xxxx

  3. Thanks Bob for your lovely comment. So flattered that you busted your nut twice over me :-) Tiffany xxx

  4. I have busted my nut loads over you blog and videos tiffany I always look forward too a new one so I can have a really good wank and spunk a big load over your perverted use bob

  5. Awesome video bitch..... sad he couldnt push a turd into ur mouth.... btw do send me pics as and when ur partners make u do scat.... love to see it... mmmmmm... hoping i get a chance a day to visit london and feed u ....