17 Nov 2014

Week ending November 15th 2014

Last week i had to travel out of London business and so i was only available to pleasure on ONE day and that was Friday November 14th

On that day i pleasured 3 men.

My first visit saw the return of "Mr. Big Dick" whom i pleasured on Weds October 22nd 2014.
THAT time i pleasured him as a full , latex covered sex doll and he shot a video of my servitude.
You can see it here :


Today i was ordered to be wearing high heels , fishnet stockings, a really short mini-skirt and a tight blouse.
Today was the first time that he had seen my face ! ( Last time i was in a latex mask !)

This handsome , fit , sexy black guys dick was already hard as he pulled it from his pants.
i immediately set to work on sucking him.
Gosh , he is so massive i can just about get it in my mouth. i managed to swallow a lot of him but there is no way i could "deep throat" him , he is just too big !
His dick MUST be 9 inches and as thick as a beer can.

He tells me to get him a condom and to lube him and then i bend over and spread my arse cheeks.
Well , i thought i was having a baby when this MASSIVE dick penetrated my arse hole.
Gosh , he stretched me so much that soon my ass was accepting and accommodating the entirety of his cock.  His cock completely filled my hole , it felt so good , i did not want it to end.
He did not want to cum in my ass , so , he pulled out and i sucked him some more.
He took his cock in his hand as i licked his balls and he shot his heavy load all over my face.
He is SENSATIONAL - i eagerly await all of his future visits :-)

My second visit saw the return of "Mr.White Poland".
He is the only white guy i see for free at present ( and not as an escort) as he is so bloody handsome.
i first pleasured him On Tue October 21st 2014 and you can read about him here :

He was VERY late arriving today , so we had only a short amount of time.
Nevertheless i was able to suck him and have him fuck me.
It is always a ppleasureto serve this HANDSOME Polish builder :-)
(No pictures - sorry)

My last visitor was new to me.
He initially saw me on a website called Adultfriendfinder.
He told me he was dominant and kinky and was turned on by latex and no limit sluts.
So , i call this handsome , sexy , defined, black Man "Black Master Latex"

His body is so fit and virile as i gazed upon him as i was dressed , as ordered,  in full latex doll coverage.  
His cock was a substantial , rock hard 8 inches as i sucked on it and he face fucked me.
His aggressive , dominant nature had me all over the place, from sucking him , to rimming him to him fucking me in the ass.
He had already warned me that he had a full bowel and , as i was locked in my rimming box , with his arse hole over my mouth - he took a dump - he shit in my open mouth !
This turned him on a LOT and he removed the lid of my box , took some of his shit and smeared it over my face.
With my mouth still full of his turd he face fucked me , pushing his shit further and further down my throat.
Released from the box entirely , i was then made to clean his filthy cock with my mouth and tongue.
He had used me as a HUMAN TOILET !

He was so turned on he needed to fuck me more.
With my face still caked in his shit , he bent me over and fucked me hard.
He shot his load up my ass , in to the condom , then , pulled out and emptied his cum filled condom down my throat. 
My tongue and teeth were caked in his shit and now , that was added to by his cum 
He ordered me to swirl all of the filth in my mouth and to swallow. Naturally , i did what he ordered.

As a sub slut i am always striving to fulfill even the filthiest of desires of the nastiest of men.
i am just glad that i was able to fulfill his needs and i am very much looking forward to his next visit.

He took pictures and shot a video on my predicament.
Now, some people dont want to see such heavy , filthy usage of a submissive , so , i wont post the pictures and video here.
Below is a picture of me sucking his meaty cock.

If you really do want to see the pictures and video of him using me as a shit eater , then , you have been warned. You can see them here :


  1. I love you as a scat whore, the video of you sucking cock with mouth full of shit was extreme hot and sexy. You inspired me! :)

  2. wow...... loved the scat video.... awesome is not the word.....love it the way u sucked him....... like a true whore u swallowed it... awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. do pls pls pls keep up good work and do post scat stuff when ever it happens.... a mad mad fan of it...