11 Feb 2013

My hole is SO stretched...

i have had to CANCEL any meetings with guys on Monday and Tuesday this week because , my hole is wrecked !

Got a little over enthusiastic on Sunday night as i got out my toys and eneded up riding my victor dildo.

Victor is MASSSIVE - wider than a beer can.

i stretch my hole as some of my visitors like to know the power and feeling of putting their hand inside an arse.
So , i stretch once a week to keep making this possible.

Regrettably , my Sunday night session has left my hole REALLY sore.
It means i can't get fucked at present and so i have canceled dates in order to give my hole time to recover.

i will be accepting dates to serve men from Wednesday onwards.

Here is Victor , the reason for my hole now being on fire !!! Click on the picture to view a larger version.


  1. This dildo is really masive. You should show us pics of your ruined hole.

  2. Poor you I feel sorry for you I still think you should meet and make ur mouth the only available hole I. Service