7 Feb 2013

3 men pleasured

i have not spent much time this week , serving Black cock.
One reason is because the gangbang of EIGHT black men using my holes last Friday left me needing two days to recover !

Let me tell you about Tuesday 5th February.
I pleasured THREE men on this day.

Guy 1`
"Young J", originally had a time to visit me at 7pm. He was unable to attend and asked if he could come earlier instead. I told him that i already had a date at 3pm but if he wanted to come at 2pm , he could.
Well , due to him getting lost on public transport he arrived at 2.45pm.
I would have told him not to bother at all , because 15 minutes is no way long enough to bestow upon him my full range of pleasure. Since he had traveled 15 miles though , i felt it only fair to let him in.
He is a handsome 21yr old Black boy with a sexy , fit body and delicious cock.  He had never met a trans girl before. I wasted no time in sucking his cock.
I introduced him to rimming , he had never been rimmed before and he LOVED it !!!
He grabbed my head and pumped my mouth up and down on his tasty cock. He shot in my mouth.
All of this in the space of 10 minutes !!!!
It was such a shame that his time with me was so short , as i would have liked to have pleasured him over and over again.
Ah well , there is always a next time (i hope) !

Here is his lovely cock and his cum in my mouth !

Guy 2
i first pleasured "Mr.Ice" about a year ago. He had met one tgirl before he met me and had a pretty average experience. I have since met him 2 ,3 maybe 4 times over the course of the year.
He is coming back for more , so i must be doing something right !!!
He is another Black boy in his 20's. He has THE MOST handsome face and a sexy , tight , slim body. i am ALWAYS instructed to deep throat hi 7inch cock for him . It is the perfect fit for my throat. He loves his balls being licked and also his ass hole. This boy is really in touch with his ass hole and the pleasure a tgirl tongue brings to it.
He surprised me (and himself) today because , as i was on all fours , sucking his cock , he was stroking my ass and said "i want to fuck you in the ass". He had NEVER in his life fucked an ass before , not even a female ass. So , you can imagine this was an immense honor for me.
i got a condom, put it on his dick and then lubed up my ass.
i faced away from him and , as he was sat down , i s-l-o-w-l-y lowered my ass hole down on to his throbbing dick.  
All the way down i used my sphincter muscles to grip and release on his cock. i was damned well going to show him why ass is tighter and better than pussy !
Well , he was blown away. He LOVED IT and he soon flipped me over to fuck me doggy style.
In no time at all he could not hold back and he shot his creamy load in to my ass.

i am afraid there are no pictures - i asked him but he prefers not to have any published. i must respect his decision.

Guy 3
My last visitor was "Mr.Sleaze" whom i wrote about in the past at
This nasty (in the nicest possible way) man is ALWAYS a dream to serve.
He is "a mans man" with a sexy masculine demeanor and voice.
He had been working outdoors all day and due to the freezing weather had been dressed in several layers of clothing.
He said that he had deliberately been getting his cock and balls all stinky and sweaty for me to clean.
i was made to lick clean his cock and balls , for a long time and then move to his sweaty ass crack and ass hole. My tongue tasted the nasty , salty , funk , sweaty filth of him and cleaned him up. When i was allowed to suck his cock he cum in my mouth.
It is always a pleasure to serve this nasty man.
No pictures taken today but here is one from one of  his past visits.


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