9 Feb 2013

2 guys yesterday

Guy 1
i could not believe it "Young J" , who i wrote about in my very last post (below) returned for pleasure. THIS time he had the sense to give himself a full hour to visit me.

 He is a handsome , sexy young boy with one of the most sensational "bubble butts" that i have ever seen in my life :-) Regrettably , he would not let me take a picture of it , although i did ask:-(

This visit , i had plenty of time to serve him with my talented mouth.
i introduced him to my rim seat and tongued his ass for ages - he LOVED it :-)

He surprised me when he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He had NEVER fucked ass in his life. He loved every second of it .

After fucking me for a while , he withdrew , i sucked his cock and he shot down my throat :-)

What a lovely visit and i do hope to be serving him more in the future.

Guy 2
My second visitor today was "Mr.T" who i blogged about in October 2012

He is a sexy , young lad with a lovely thick cock with a pink head.

As he has met me before , he now has more of a measure of me.

Today , he marched in like he owned the place and stripped off without prompting.
His cock was already rock hard and he pushed me to my knees , grabbed my camera and took some pictures of his cock in my mouth.

He put the camera down, face -fucked me and cum in 2 minutes.

He grabbed his clothes , dressed and walked out of the door.

He barely spoke any words to me.
He was simply horny , he knew where he could get no strings head, he came here , used me then left.
He treated me like an unpaid whore .
No conversation , no small talk , just busted his nut and then left.
It was heavenly :-)

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