28 Feb 2016

Week ending February 27th 2016 - The Dark Thrust

Hello my readers , my friends.

Well , this is a turn up for the books, i have never made a post like this before but , this week, one-on-one , i pleasured ZERO men !

i am afraid i have no tales to tell you about the men i pleasured this week as , due to a heavy work load , i had to close my diary down during the week and was therefore unable to pleasure any men in private :-(

All was not lost for me though because on Friday February 26th i hosted a
www.thedarkthrust.co.uk gangbang party for Black men and tgirls.
So , i DID get to serve black cock , but , it was in a party setting.

Actually , this quiet week lets me give you an insight in to The Dark Thrust.

History of The Dark Thrust

Actually , it is so long ago now that i cannot clearly remember how many years ago The Dark Thrust started. It must be 7 or 8 years ago.

It all started with Black African Bull , Master Ironpanda , when he invited myself and another tgirl to a hotel in Sudbury , England. It is about 20 miles west of London and closer to where he lives.

Myself and another tgirl were simply used like whores by this dominant , virile, huge cock'ed Black Bull. He naturally LOVED having more than one tgirl at his mercy to pleasure him.
The party gave him the idea to build some kind of network , a stable of tgirls who he could call upon to serve his needs.
Naturally , he recognised that tgirls would also like more than one male to serve and so , with my help , he started a social network and called it "The Dark Thrust".

For the first few years, it grew slowly and steadilly and we probably had about 10 tgirls and 15 Black bulls in the network for the first 5yrs.

About 3 yrs ago , for personal reasons, Master Ironpanda handed the group and responsibility over to me.

Over the past 3 years i have built the group up and cleaned out the "fantasists".
You see , a lot of the tgirls would "talk the talk" about attending parties and being gang banged by Black Bulls, but , when it came down to it , they never attended parties.
It is a sad fact about the internet that people can say all sorts of things and "dream" all sorts of things but , when it comes down to REALITY , they dont follow through.

So , i cut out all the timewasters and our group actually , at first , shrunk in size.

However , over the past 3 years , with STRICT vetting , our group has now grown to number around 40 Black Bulls and 25 genuine , greedy tgirls.

i also "host" the parties myself and i host one every 4 weeks.

Also , the parties are always FREE of charge. They are not for profit.
So many Black Bulls have to pay anything from £30 to £80 to attend swingers parties and get their rocks off. At MY parties , he NEVER pays , he gets to use all of the holes of the willing tgirl submissives for nothing !

Selection Process

So , who gets selected to join our VERY exclusive group.

The men

Well , the Black Bulls are all actually men i have met and pleasured myself !
Many of them appear within this blog !

They would ALL consider themselves heterosexual. They love women and pussy but , every now and again they enjoy the "no strings/no questions asked" option of having a willing , eager , tgirl. Tgirls also give them the option of fucking arse - something that most females will not allow them to do !
Naturally , they are ALL handsome , viril and athletic. They vary in age from about 22yrs to 55yrs old.

The tgirls

A handful of the Black Bulls review the applications from the tgirls.
Naturally , they are basing their decisions on the way a girl looks ( from her pictures) and her experience in pleasuring cock. Because the Bulls are used to using tgirls VERY hard , in the mouth and arse , they only select tgirls who are used to this. Our parties are NOT for novices.

The only tgirls they will select will always be VERY feminine, very pretty and very greedy.
They will all be aged 18 - 39 ( no over 40's allowed).
They will be so convincing that if they walked down a public street MOST people , from a distance, would not realise they were tgirls at all.

What happens at the parties ?

When a party date is selected we put the message out and ask who is able to attend.
Usually, due to availability and space limitations at my apartment , 12 Black Bulls and 8/9 tgirls attend.

The tgirls can finalise their dressing and make up at my place , before the party starts.
However, at 7.30pm prompt they must be ready and douched and eager for the arrival of the Black Bulls.

From 7.30pm to 8pm all of the 12 Black Bulls arrive.

They know the routine. They strip off their clothes and place them in the storage area.
They are offered drinks.
They scan the room and take a tgirl by the hand and lead her in to one of the "play" rooms.
Here , she offers her mouth and arse up to him.
Condoms , lube and wipes are at hand , everywhere.

VERY quickly the play rooms are full of multiple Black Bulls and eager tgirls. Their panties are down , their mouthes are open and their arse holes are lubed for ANY of the guys to take.

The girls are passed around and the Bulls get to enjoy as many of the girls as they wish.

I cannot convey the intensity of the  2/3 hours that follow.
They are BETTER than ANY porn movie that you have ever seen.
Big Black cocks are constantly hard and constantly filling tgirl holes.

I would say that only 10% of the time is spent resting , drinking or socialising. 90% of the hours is spent with the guys just destroying the tgirls mouthes and arse holes.

They certainly are DEFINITELY the hottest sex parties in London and the fact that they are very confidential and very hard to get in to , makes them even more exclusive and hotter than all others.

NO- ONE can just walk in off the street in to a Dark Thrust Party you see. ALL of those who attend have been carefully vetted to select ONLY THE CREAM of London's Tgirls.
They are so good that somwe of our tgirls even travel from Manchester or Wales and some of our Black Bulls travel from Manchester , Birmingham , Nottingham etc...

It is always my honour to throw a Dark thrust Party for Black Bulls and they never have to contribute anything.
They love the fact that they can walk in to a venue and see GORGEOUS , willing , eager, greedy tgirls lined up in anticipation of getting used in all of their holes by their demanding, rock hard, Big Black Cocks.

NO PICTURES i am afraid - the Dark Thrust NEVER take or publish any pictures as we offer a totally confidential and discreet service to Black Bulls.

Want to become a Dark Thrust Party go'er ?

Black Bulls and only THE MOST sexy and convincing tgirls can apply through the website at :


Well , actually , i know that you guys always like a picture , so , here are some of ME (posted with the permission of the Dark Thrust Guys) , taken at  Dark Thrust Parties in the past


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