14 Feb 2016

Week ending 13th February 2016

On Wednesday February 10th i served two men.

My first visitor saw the return of "Sri Lankan boy" previously known as "The 4 seconds Indian boy" when i first pleasured him a year ago.

This poor lad received that first name due to the fact that he held the record , for a while , of taking just 4 seconds to shoot , once my mouth had connected with his cock!

Luckily these days , is he is far less combustible and takes a wonderfully reasonable amount to shoot his load.

He has visited me several times now , most recently just a month ago , so , no need to do a big write up. 

I sucked him and rimmed him and he shot his load in my mouth. Here is a pic , from the past.

My second visitor is a semi-frequesnt visitor of mine. He has a girlfriend and i am just his "cock slut" on the side. He asks not to be written about on my blog , so , i won't !

On Friday February 12th i pleasured three men.

My first visitor saw the return of "b.boy".
This young , lithe lad , under 30 has been visiting me since 2008 !
He was here just a month ago and , like then , i sucked him whilst he sniffed poppers and then rimmed him for a long time. i went back to sucking him before he told me to get a condom. He proceeded to fuck me on all fours , in the arse.
He likes to pull out , then wank , then shoot all over my face.
Here is a pic that you have seen before , of one of his previous visits.

My second visitor contacted me through fabswingers.
This handsome , young , black lad i shall call "Walthamstow lad"

Aged about 25 he told me that he had met a couple of tgirls before , so , he was comfortable and relaxed when he arrived.

So , i took no time at all in dropping to my knees and taking his gorgeous , substantial black cock in to my mouth and throat. My tongue danced on his helmet and then took long strokes up and down his shaft.

When i suggested that i rim his arse for him he told me that he did not like it.
Now , i very RARELY find a man who does not enjoy this activity so i told him bluntly , "well , i just think that you havent had it done properly"!

i persuaded him to allow me to rim him for 10 seconds and , if he did not like it , he could tell me to stop.
So , i had a lot to proove as he raised his legs to present his young arse hole infront of me , as my tongue started to lick and bring pleasure to his puckered hole.
Well , i got the reaction that i always get when I do it - he LOVED it !

The senstaions that he felt worked him in to a frenzy and he declared that he wanted to fuck me.
We went to the bedroom , whilst he fitted his condom and i got on my bed , on all fours.
He sank his black cock , to the hilt , up my arse. It felt so good , it filled me so much and he LOVED my sphincter gripping and milking his dick.
After a while , i was moved on to my back and brought my legs up in to the air.
He fucked me on my back and i could feel that his rock hard cock was ready to explode.
He shot his load up my hole , which by now was much looser and gaping , due to his vigorous fucking.

My third visitor saw the return of a mixed race , professional man whom i have been serving for quite some time now.

"Mr.Muscle" is a handsome, mixed race guy whom i have written about on this blog before.
He is ripped , with a 6 pack and one of the biggest cocks on any man in the World !
It is beer can thick and about 9/10 inches.

It is so thick that i can barely get it in my mouth.
Not that i had the opportunity for that today , as all he wanted to do , as soon as he arrived , was to fuck me.

He grabbed a condom , took me to the bedroom and the next thing i knew was that i was feeling like i was having a baby ! His cock is just SO massive. He stretched my hole to capacity.

Here is a pic from previous visits.

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