21 Feb 2016

Week ending February 20th 2016

I only pleasured on ONE day this week , due to work commitments.

On Wednesday February 17th i served THREE men.

My first visitor was , you will never believe it readers , a WHITE guy !
This DARK haired , dark eyed Italian man was so handsome , i could not resist.

Yes, i somtimes am attracted to white guys , but , it is VERY rare.
This guy was a cross between two white actors i "fancy" , one being Jake Gillenhal (below)
and the other being Theo James (below)

So , now you can imagine my visitor "Mr.Dark Italain" , with his dark features and eyes like pools which you just fall in to :-)

He first contacted me about 2 months ago after reading this very blog !
He had never met or been pleasured by a tgirl like me before , i was to be "his first".
THAT is always such an honour , so , i made sure that when he visited , i complied with all his desires.

First , i sucked his cock which was covered by a condom . Some guys ask for that, although i get regularly tested for STD's and in 8yrs i have NEVER passed anything on to a guy , but hey , every guy has a right to ask that of me :-)

I moved on to rimming his arse before he got me on all fours and fucked me in the arse !
Next , we moved to a position where he was sitting and then i sat on his cock. As i hovered on my bent knees he piston fucked me , up and down in to my hole.
Whenever this guy is fucking he LOVES to fuck hard and fast , piston fucking , whether he was fucking my face or my arse hole ! He is a great fucker !

Soon , he was shooting his spunk up my arse ( in to the condom , of course) and i am pleased that i was able to be a compliant slut for him :-)

Here i am , sucking his cock (below)

It is almost 2yrs since my second visitor "Big sensational Mr.A" visited me.

You can see the account of his last visit , almost at the bottom , of the following page  http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/week-ending-march-29th-2014.html

2yrs ago i was the first tgirl that he had ever visited.
i am guessing that this Black , handsome , family man got the itch again , which he needed to scratch.
i am SO SO pleased that he came back to me.

We had another sensational time with what is called a "girlfriend experience".
Lots of body contact , lots of kissing , naturally LOTS of time where i was paying great attention to his delicious , dark dick !

Loads of time spent sucking his dick and a long , long time with me being locked in the rimming box , with his arse hole lowered on to my mouth , as i brought pleasure with my tongue , to his ring.

He loves his dick in my hole too. He likes to stop fucking and just bury his cock , to the hilt , up my arse hole. He likes to keep it there, impalling me. i LOVED it too - feeling that he was totally filling my orifice - it was just lovely to feel him inside me and just enjoy it , without the fucking motions".

He was here for almost 2 hours. When he decided to come , he decided to wank , as i paid attention with my mouth to his balls , as i stroked the nerve endings around his arse hole with my lubed fingers , before he shot his cum in my mouth.

He is sensation and i hope that he does not leave it 2yrs before he visits me again :-)

Below is a picture that we wook on his visit to me , 2yrs ago.

My third and final visitor of the week was a black man i shall call "The Captain".

He connected with me thru a website called xhamster.  

This black man is experienced on the swinging scene but had never had the pleasure of a tgirl serving him before.

He has a lovely , thick , 9inch cock which i paid a lot of attention to , with my oral skills.
He locked me in the rimming box and so , i paid lots of attention to his arse hole , with my tongue too.

He had read my blog and wanted to see , in person , my arse gape.
i got on all fours and presented my arse hole for his viewing pleasure.
i started fingering myself , to begin the stretch.
Then i used my trick of "breathing" through my arse hole.
Tis involves relaxing my arse hole and sucking air in to it. Then i expell it , then i suck air in again.
This results in relaxing and "gaping" my hole wide , so you can look deep inside.

It turned him on so much that he grabbed a condom and replaced my wide gape with his wide , dark dick !!!
He enjoyed fucking me up the arse !

When he decided he wanted to cum , he wanked himself whilst sat on my face , with my tongue rimming his arse hole.


To end , this Friday night (26th February) i am hosting another www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

10 Black bulls are due to use and abuse the holes of 7 sexy , greedy , tgirls that i have lined up for them.
These are always , quite simply , the BEST parties in London for Black men.

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