20 Dec 2015

Week ending December 19th 2015

On Tuesday 15th December I pleasured 3 men.

The first visitor saw the welcome return of “Huge Boy  “ who I first pleasured and wrote about on Tue October 13th.

This handsome , sexy , virile , young black lad has an ENORMOUS cock and he can fuck for ages !
I sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me.

He fucked me for the longest time, taking my ass hole from “tight” to open , gaping and sloppy.

He even shot a VIDEO of him thoroughly using me.
I am currently editing the video ,but , I will post it for YOU here , during the coming week , as a Christmas treat :-)
Here are some stills from the video.

My second visitor has been on my radar for some time. I think we have exchanged messages over the years , but have never met.

He is a young ( early 20’s) , good looking black lad and his latest contact to me was through Fabswingers.

He had a wonderful , confident attitude and he was assertive as he directed me to suck him , rim him and then bend over to take his black dick up my arse.
Before he cum , he pulled out of my arse , removed his condom and shot all over my face :-)
I do look forward so much to see him again. Infact , he is already in my diary for next week !

My third visitor had seen my website and contacted me.

“boy Brixton” is a very young Black lad , about 18yrs old.

He is tall and handsome with an athletic body.
What is it with the youth of today ? They seem to only be making them with B-I-G cocks these days :-)
I only sucked him today , since he is new to tgirls and inexperienced. I think his visit to me was one of “exploration”. I salute him as it also takes a lot of nerve , at that age , to walk in to a strangers home and be comfortable enough to be pleasured.
He did not enjoy being rimmed , which was a shock , as the majority of men LOVE this.
Not to worry though , I just continued to suck him , which was his desire and soon he was shooting his load of creamy , young cum in to my mouth !

On Wednesday 16th December i had a day out to the www.sweetwednesday.co.uk tgirl and admirers sex club in Kings Cross. i go every year , just once a year , for their Christmas party.

It is a small , basement bar and men and tgirls are fucking in all corners !
i don't "play" fully in there , as i find it much more worthwhile giving a man a much better , unhurried service in my home.
Nevertheless , i conected with two or three Black man and i have invited them to my home. i do hope that they make time to visit me , some day.

i also met a white male from the UK Midlands. He was an AVID reader and fan of my blog. He was repeating back to me all the filthy things that i have done.
It was SO flattering meeting "a fan", what a lovely experience.
He had one complaint , not enough videos !
Ah well , lets hope the video that i will post for you all next week will apease him a little :-)

On Thursday 17th December I pleasured FOUR men.

My first visitor saw the return of “Mr.Sleaze” whom you have read about , dozens of times on this blog.

He has now reached a stage where he sees me purley as a sex doll/slave.

For his arrival I was dressed head to toe in black pvc and had a rubber hood over my face.
I was CHAINED in very heavy duty , steel manacles. A heavy duty collar , wrist restrains and ankle restraints – linked together at all points with heavy chain. The locks kept me imprisoned in my bondage. Also , my movements were restricted and , due to the shortness of the manacles , I was not able to stand up fully. Not this this mattered , as I spent all of my time on my knees or being dragged from room to room.

I worshipped his cock as he filmed my servitude on his mobile.
He cum in my mouth and added some of his PISS to the mixture, before I swallowed.

My second visitor was “Young MJ”

Another young, good looking black lad , maybe 18 – 20yrs old.

He had seen my website and wanted to experience what I had to offer.
ANOTHER big dicked black lad , my goodness !
I am afraid he did not want a picture taken , so , you will just have to take my word for it.
I sucked his black meat and gave him the first rimming of his life ! He loved it. I have told him to MAKE every bitch that he meets give him a riiming !

My third visitor was another young black lad , maybe mid 20’s ?
Gosh , yet another big , black, cock and a small framed guy which makes it look even bigger than it is :-)

He is about 8/9 inches but he is THICK.
He had a lovely , assertive attitude and rightly saw me as just a slut to take advantage of – which he did.
So , naturally I was put to work on sucking and rimming him , before he told me to get on all fours and he fucked me in the ass.  Gosh , his thickness REALLY filled me right up.

My fourth visitor was “bikerblack”.
This man contacted me on Fabswingers. We have been trying to arrange a first date for a while and today we pulled it off.

OMG – if I had known this man was so sensational , I would have moved mountains to serve him.

He is handsome and has a ripped body. He is also VERY much in to tgirls and so he was comfortable in getting straight in and using me in a nasty and filthy way with his assertive manner.
We did the whole range. I sucked on his delicious BIG long cock. I rimmed him and then he locked me in my rim box and made me spend 15 minutes making love to his arse hole with my tongue.

He left me in there , unable to move as he decided to take a PISS. He pissed all over my face , ordered me to open my mouth and demanded that I swallow. Naturally , I obliged.

Still dripping in his piss , he released me , put me on all fours and fucked me hard in the arse.
He removed the condom and finished himself off and shot his thick cum all over my face.

In the pictures below , you will see in the last picture that my face is covered in his cum and my hair is soaking wet from being his toilet.

He is sensational – I eagerly await his next visit and I have invited him to our Dark Thrust Parties.

On Friday December 18th I played host to a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

On this night I provided SEVEN hot , sexy , compliant , greedy tgirls to ELEVEN hot , athletic, fit, Black guys.
I cannot begin to describe this night of total debauchery.

The girls were pounded in their mouthes and arses, non-stop , for 4 hours. Two girls ( myself being one of them) even took black fists up our already sore arse holes.

Those black guys thoroughly used us all. The scene was hotter than ANY porn film that you have ever watched.

All agreed , my parties are the most hard core parties in London , attended by only the most beautiful of people.
My next one will be in about 4 weeks time , as we hold them monthly.

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