26 Jan 2015

Week ending Jan 24th 2015

This blog updates every Sunday 

On Wednesday 21st March i pleasured one man.

My first visitor i shall call "MB".
He is visiting London from the U.S.A
He is a sexy , 25yr old black lad with a delicious 8 inch cock.
We connected thru a dating site called Adultfriendfinder.
It was his first visit ever to a tgirl, so , for me that is VERY special as you never forget your first !

He took full advantage of my free services as i set to work sucking on his big cock.
After a short while i started rimming him and , guess what ? It was new to him and he did not like it !
Only 1 in 100 guys do not enjoy the sensations of rimming and i had found one !

Anyway , we soon made up for it with me sucking him more before i grabbed a condom and sat on his cock ! i rode him for a while before we moved to the bedroom and he fucked me in the ass on all fours. We fucked in all sorts of positions as he tasted tgirl ass for the first time. When he decided he wanted to cum , he whipped off the condom , stroked his dick and shot in my mouth !

Just 2 minutes later , he was ready for round two !
LOTS more sucking and pleasuring of his balls and 15 minutes later , he shot his second load.

It was a pleasure to meet and serve him and show our American friend some good old British hospitality :-)

Regrettably , he did not want any pictures taken.

My second visitor text me at 5pm telling me he was on his way as he had finished work. His appointment was at 6pm.
So , i waited and waited and waited. He stood me up !
The following day he had the nerve to mail me saying that " a woman from work surprisingly offered him her pussy and he has been wanting it for ages and so , he went off with her and fucked her instead.
So , he had no thought , no consideration just to take 10 seconds to send me a text.
This type of "admirer" is the WORST. Absolutely no manners or consideration. Naturally , he has blown any chance of meeting me.

On Thursday Jan 22nd i pleasured "South London boy".

I first pleasured this mid 20's black lad in 2010. Then again in 2011.
Oddly he has not been back since then , so it was a lovely surprise when he contacted me again today.

This boy can fuck face like Max Hardcore. He likes his dick all sloppy.
After a while he locked me in the rimming box and lowered his arse hole on to my tongue.
i licked , lapped and chewed his arse for him as he fingered my arse hole.

When he was ready to cum , he released me from the rim box, wanked his cock as i licked his balls then he shot in my mouth !

After a cigarette break he put me back to work on his cock. i sucked him back to hardness and he said he wanted to fuck me.
He grabbed a condom , lubed my arse and rammed his dick in to me. He fucked me in all sorts of positions. Gosh , he fucked me so hard and deep , withdrawing his cock to gape my hole.
Soon my ass was gaping really wide and he started to insert his fingers in me. He told me he wanted to fist me.
Normally i would have said " do what brings you pleasure" but i actually had to stop him , because fisting makes me really sore and i had to have my ass functional for my gang bang party on Friday night ( more on that later).

So , after more fucking me he pulled out , sat on my face as i rimmed his arse , he stroked his dick and then shot his load.
He was such a hot boy that i invited him to my gang bang party on Friday night.

On Friday January 23rd I hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

The Dark Thrust are a collective of Black African men who use tgirls like me.
There are over 30 of them in their "club" and , at present, have a pool of 15 sexy tgirls to call upon.
Every 4 - 6 weeks i host a party in my apartment for them.

Tonight TWELVE handsome , fit , sexy black men were provided with a total of SEVEN greedy, compliant, willing tgirls like me.
For 3 hours our holes were invaded by them , as they took their pleasure , before going home to their wives and girlfriends.
MANY men i write about in this blog have now joined The Dark Thrust so that they have the opportunity to have more than one tgirl pleasuring them at the same time.
So many tgirls want to join their list but only the hottest , prettiest , sexiest ones make it.
They (and myself) got used multiple times in our holes. Some were made to drink the guys piss too. Others, like myself , were tied , immobile and our holes were used as we had no choice. One black guy also strapped me in to the sling , took rubber gloves and fisted my arse as another kept my mouth full with his big black dick.
These are DEFINITELY the hottest parties in London , but , only the talented get to attend !


  1. Tiff, the party on Friday was fantastic! The tgirls on offer were amazing and took it all, it was a very busy and enjoyable night. I had great fun fucking and getting sucked by a variety of different tgirls. Excellent!

  2. Would be nice to see pics of the TV sluts before the party if they are proud black cock whores there pics need to be shown

  3. @ Blackdragon - it is ALWAYS a pleasure Sir for you to use me and the other sluts.

    @ Anonymous - They ARE all proud black cock whores, THAT is why they have profiles and pictures on OTHER websites ( contact sites). There is no need for their pictures to be here on my blog.