18 Jan 2015

Week Ending January 17th 2015

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On Wednesday January 14th i pleasured 4 men.

My first visitor was "Mr.Portugal".
i first pleasure him on Friday 4th Jan 2014 - can't believe it is a year since he last visited. You can read a report about his last visit here :

So , i wont write much , as i have written about him before.
i can tell you though that i sucked him and rimmed him. He got nice and basty too and spat in my face and when he needed to take a piss , he dragged me to the bathroom and made sure that i had a few mouth fulls !
A pleasure , as always.

My second visitor i shall call "Mr.Smooth" which is a corruption of his screen name on a site that he contacted me on , called xhamster. 
He is a good looking, young black lad , aged about 25, from S.London.
He told me that he had never been pleasured by a tgirl before.
What an honour it was for me to be his first one :-)

Well , you would never had known he was a "novice" as he had a confident , assertive attitude and soon put me through my paces.
I began by sucking his gorgeous , solid , 9" black dick. He surprised me ( and himself) by shooting his load within 3 minutes ! Wow , what a compliment to me , to know i can get a guy off that fast :-)

There was no rest though as he told me to "get back to it". So , i sucked his cock more and then suggested that i rim his arse hole. He had never had it done properly before. You know what ? He did not enjoy it ! Gosh , only about 1 in 100 guys do not like being rimmed and i had found one ! It was no problem at all though , as i am here to provide pleasure only. So we stopped that and i went back to pleasuring his cock and balls. 

He told me he wanted to be in my ass , so i went and grabbed a condom and then slowly lowered my ass on to his cock and fucked it. When my legs gave way , he took me to the bedroom , put me on all fours and fucked me from behind. I asked him to go slow at the beginning as i had to get used to his big cock. In no time at all though he had opened me up and he gave my ass a hammering. Soon , he was coming for a second time , this time up my ass.

What a pleasure it was to be his white whore - i look forward to serving him again !

My third visitor saw the return of "ikkle".

This handsome man first visited me in 2012 and has been an occasional visitor ever since.
When he first visited me, all those years ago, he was fresh faced and "boyish". Nowadays he has grown the most appealing full beard and has aged for the better. He is now a powerful , sexy , handsome, confident, assertive MAN.

Before he arrived i had been ordered to open the door to him on my knees. At the door i was to tease him and turn him on. i was to stroke his cock through his trousers ( he was suited and booted as usual). I then kissed his feet , removed his shoes and trousers and teased him through his boxer shorts. He then turned away from me and , as arranged, i slowly lowered his boxer shorts and placed my face in to the crack of his arse. My duties now were to clean his sweaty arse hole , after his long working day , with my tongue.
Satisfied that he was now clean , he led me to the living room , sat down and put me to work on his cock.
He has a MASSIVE , thick, black cock, about 9 Inches and rock hard. I know by now that he likes his cock and balls drowning in drool. He likes it sloppy. He presented his arse hole to me again and i set to work with more vigor with my tongue.
He turned back around and put me back to work on his sloppy cock and balls.
Within a few minutes he shot his load in my mouth.
He went to the bathroom , washed and dressed.
i was summoned and ordered to tie his shoe laces.
i did so . i kissed his feet then he turned and walked out of the door.

He is such a nasty piece of work , he does not talk to me except to give orders or tell me what a filthy slut i am. He is the PERFECT man :-)
If he could put me under his desk at work , with my mouth on his cock , all day long - i would !
If he could have me in his car , as he was driving , with my mouth on his cock, i would !
If he call install me under his computer desk , at home , with my mouth on his cock - i would !
If he could go to bed at night , with my head roped to his groin with my mouth around his cock all night - i would ! He is a dream.
The thing is , if any of this was possible , HE WOULD TOO !!!

i look forward to all of my servitude to him in the future.

My fourth visitor i met through an online free-ads site. i shall call him "Mr.Frightened" !

This handsome , sexy , married Indian guy from the East End was walking to my flat and told me on the phone that he was so nervous. AFTER our meeting he told me that he was a little bit frightened to be doing what he was doing. He could not believe that i was real and that our meeting was not some kind of a "set up" where something bad would happen to him !   He just envisaged himself walking in to this strangers building and have something bad happen !
Well , i tried to put him at ease and explain to him THAT'S why i have this blog , to show that i am real and genuine. Anyone can also just type my name in to google and you will come up with hundreds of pages of results and there is not a single bad word written about me , in over 8yrs of being a sex slave to dark men.

Anyway , i managed to suck his lovely dark cock to completion but his visit was very short due to his nerves and fright ! There are no pictures as i was not about to ask for pictures from someone who was so nervous , i just wanted to put him at ease.

Despite all of this , he has said that he definitely wants to come back and that now he knows the score and that he now knows he can be fully comfortable with me , he will stay longer next time. I do hope he does as i know all married men need a secret sex slave in their lives.

On Thursday January 15th i served 3 men.

My first visitor i shall call "boyPriest". It is a play on words of his AFF profile.
i met him through the contacts site Adultfriendfinder.

He is a young black boy , i am guessing about 25 ? Maybe he is older , but he has a handsome , youthful face. His body is ripped with muscles and he has a delicious 7" dark dick.

It was his first visit to me. He told me that he had met trans gurls before , but most did not deliver on their promises.

I sucked his delicious cock and then asked him if he wanted to be rimmed. He told me that he had experienced it before and was not that fussed. i told him "well , you havent had it done properly before then". So , he indulged me as i got to work on his ass. He LOVED my tongue bringing pleasure to his arse hole. i stimulated all of his nerve endings there and he could not get enough of it.

I went back to sucking him and by now he was in such a state of arousal that he said he wanted to fuck my arse. i took him to the bedroom , got on all fours and he rammed his dick inside me. He rode me for a few minutes before he shot his load inside me. Nice to know my ass can make guys cum so fast - what a compliment.

i look forward to serving him again , as i have proved to be a tgirl who follows through on her promises.

My second visitor i shall call "Bull Boy". A "bull" is a term of endearment for a large , strong, male.
Well , this 25yr old was MASSIVE. His thighs must have been as big as my waist ! We are talking a seriously large and strong boy. Really good looking to.

I was his first ever tgirl. He told me that he has been wanting to meet one for a long time and had now reached the point where it was time for him to do so.

My head was between his massive thighs as i sucked on his cock. It was so special knowing i was his first.
He told me he wanted to fuck me , so , we went to the bedroom. First he fucked me doggy with me on all fours , on the bed with him standing behind , on the flow. Next he moved on to the bed , on his knees , behind me .  He fucked me hard like this for a while. Next he pushed me flat on my stomach and then he lay flat on top of me. OMG - The huge weight of his massive body was bearing down on me , focused in to his cock as it burrowed in my ass. i could not have moved or fought if i even wanted to. His weight was far too great for me as he pinned me down and fucked me hard.

He did not want to cum in my ass , he wanted to cum in my mouth. So , he pulled out , i sucked him and licked his balls and he shot his creamy load in to my mouth.

My third visitor was a blast from the past. i have not pleasured this hunk since February 2012.
He saw me online today and , seeing an opportunity, asked if he could visit.
"Mr.Big.A" .This black skinned Brazillian man has muscles, a ripped body and an always rock solid 9 inch cock.
I am ashamed to say i had a bit of trouble with it, as it was so big and solidly hard.
Naturally i sucked him but his thickness meant i could not deep throat him. Nevertheless , i brought him pleasure though.
He decides he wants to fuck me and he does this like an engine. In all sorts of positions , he fucks me hard and fast.
He tells me he does not want to cum fucking me but wants to shoot down my throat.
So , we manoeuvre so that he is sitting on my face. His arse hole is over my mouth as i rim him. He wanks and spins around to shoot his load in my mouth :-)

On Friday January 16th i pleasured 3 men.

My first visitor was a regular visitor to me. i serve him every few weeks, have been doing so for many years. "Beefy" is a handsome , bull of a man with the perfect sized cock which is always a pleasure to suck. His big , bubble butt is a delight to rim and when he fucks my ass , i feel the full power of his strong body behind me . Always a pleasure.

My second visitor was another regular visitor to me. "Big. W" probably has the largest cock of any man i pleasure. It is literally the size of a beer can. I can barely fit it in my mouth. i have to stretch so wide. Imagine trying to get YOUR mouth around a can of beer , or a can of coke and you will be able to imagine what it is like.  We did not take pictures today ,but , an older picture below shows you how much my mouth has to stretch.

Today i sucked him , i rimmed him and he fucked me for the longest time. He really stretched and ruined my ass - he totally wrecked it.
He cum by wanking as i licked his balls and he shot in my mouth.

My third visitor saw the fourth return visit of "boy bubble butt"
You can see a previous write up of him here :

This sexy young black lad can get VERY nasty and kinky indeed.
It started with the usual cock sucking and rimming. Let me just say he was trying to "push" as my mouth was over his arse hole. Thats a clue to what he was after.
He said he wanted to stuff toys in my ass , so , we went to my playroom where i prepared giant dildos and lube.
Regrettably , as soon as he started i had to stop him. You see , my previous visitor "Big.W" had made my kunt so sore that i could not take anything in there. 
Naturally , boy bubble butt was not to pleased to have his desires quashed. Lets just say this must have gotten his mind in to thinking how he could reap his revenge.
i gave him a blow job and he busted his nut.

Before he left , showing his anger he took me to my bathroom and told me to lie in my batch. He grabbed my video camera and told me to film what was going to happen , as a reminder to me to be more subservient and accommodating next time.   

i wont go in to the finer details but lets just say as i was laid flat in the bath i was told to angle my head towards his arse. He squatted over the bath and over me and... well , lets just say he seemed to have mistaken me for the toilet next door. Soon i was VERY wet and VERY brown, i will leave the rest to your imagination.

So , i started the week as a whore , i ended it as a human toilet.


This forthcoming week , i will be serving on Wednesday and Thursday.
On Friday i will be hosting a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.
We have SEVEN greedy tgirls lined up for 11 hot , hungry, married Black African men.
It is going to be some party :-) 

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