11 May 2014

Week Ending May 3rd 2014

On Wednesday 30th April I served THREE men.

My first visitor was a regular visitor of mine , whom i have written about dozens of times before , "Mr.Beefy". He is a beefy, Bull of a Black man.

My second visitor was "Mr.J". He is a black man from north London who came to me thru a tgirl contacts site. As he had met several tgirls before , his visit was fairly straight forward.
He wanted me to suck him , then he fucked me in the ass , then he left. Simples !

My third visitor was "The Kinky German".
He contacted me thru a tgirl contacts site , so , he had met tgirls in the past.
He is lighter skinned than the majority of men whom i meet , but what appealed to me was that he was dark and hairy and he responded to a comment that i had put on that website by saying "i wish it was me who had fisted you last week!".
So , i knew he probably had darker desires, but , i had no idea how dark and nasty he was going to get !

I began by sucking his cock and he called me nasty names. He wanted to be sucked with him wearing a condom , which is fine by me. As long as he is "getting off" , that is all that matters.
He was getting off on using me as a submissive , who was just there to fulfill his needs.
Next , he ordered me to rim his arse. He pulled his legs up to his shoulders, as he was on his back and told me to get my mouth on his arse hole.
I carried on wanking his shaft as i lapped and licked at his funky hole.
He said " i feel i have a fart coming , you are going to eat my farts". And so he did, he squeezed and pushed and as my mouth was clamped over his hole , he farted in my mouth. He responded to it by farting again !
Next , i can feel him pushing down on his sphincetr. He said, "i am glad i have found a toilet, so convenient, as i need a shit".
He then kept pushing down with his anal sphincter. He ordered me to keep my mouth completely covering his hole , then , he let loose. He shit in to my mouth !

He looked down to see his turd in my mouth and he ordered me to chew.
As i was chewing it all prooved to much for him and he told me that he was going to cum.
He shot his load in to the condom , took it off and then emptied the condom in to my mouth too.

And so that was the account of the visit by this nasty man and the lengths that i will go to to PLEASE any man who visits me . It is not about me , it is always about HIM and his needs/desires.

On Friday May 2nd i served THREE men.

My first visitor was "Boy Black".
This 18yr old lad lives close to me. He had seen my website and wanted to meet me. It was his first time with a tgirl.
He is tall and VERY slim.
So , i introduced him to the world of tgirls by sucking him , rimming him and bending over so he could feel what it is like to fuck ass !

My third visitor was "Mr.Small".
This 20 something man was Indian and he is a "little person" - he is under 3ft tall.
I met him , firstly because he is good looking and sexy but secondly because i was naturally curious about meeting a little person , for sex , for the first time.
When he arrived , he asked me for a vodka as he settled in. We talked for ages as he said he preferred to talk a while , rather than "get stuck in" to sex.
More vodka flowed as he told me that he often could drink a half bottle of vodka and it did not even effect him.

When it came to "play time" it was all rather wonderful , having the entire mass of one human body in my arms as i sucked his cock and rimmed his arse. With his head next to mine , his feet did not even reach my waist.

Unfortunately what began as GREAT soon started to decline in to "not good". The alcohol kicked in rather quickly and he became , to be blunt, wildly drunk. He became a danger to himself as he crashed around my apartment , barely able to stand up. This guy who told me could not get drunk was now pissed as a newt!

Well , for the first time in memory i had to call a STOP to his visit. He was just incapable of anything. I spent the last half an hour trying to get him washed , dressed and in to a taxi ( which i paid for).

It is regrettable that i will not be seeing this lad again, because he is SO SEXY. Basically , he blew it by his behavior.

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  1. I've just had a big shit and thought of you. Lol. I have always had a fantasy where we sit at a table me eating a meal and a nice drink. You sitting opposite eating my turd with a knife fork and sipping my piss. I will be making it a reality for YOU and for me on November 7th 2014 , when I vist you. Whore !!!