11 May 2014

Week Ending 10th May 2014

On Sunday May 4th i went to the "Taboo Noir" swingers party for Black men , white women and cuckold white men.
i was the only tgirl invited.
It was held at Hellfire Club in Sunbury, London.
It is always such a horny atmosphere and a wonderful spectacle to watch white women getting fucked senseless by virile , horny , athletic, sexy Black Bulls. About 120 people attended.

On Friday May 9th  i organised a Dark Thrust Party (www.thedarkthrust.co.uk ). These are private parties for Black African men and white , greedy tgirl.

Tonight i recruited 5 other sexy tgirls to join me as we gave our servitude to ELEVEN , horny, Black African Bulls.
The highlight of the night for me was when one of the Black Bulls roped me in my play room. He is an expert bondage master and he roped me in such a way that he was able to attch me to my playroom hoist and hoist me , suspended in the air.
My wrists were bound, so that they had no use except to support me. Also my thighs were bound.

i was totally helpless. My ass was totally exposed and ready to be invaded by any black man that needed use for it.
Once hoisted , i was blindfolded.

An announcement was made in the apartment and then a stream of Black African Bulls filed in to the playroom. I have no idea who they were , as i was blindfolded. They began the onslaught of fucking my mouth and fucking my ass. i was spit roasted , used and abused. My holes were unable to refuse the onslaught of horny , Black cocks.

Below is a picture , taken just before the guys used me.


  1. Dear Tiffany - you looked beautiful in your hoist! no wonder they wanted to come in and fuck you! xx Melody

  2. Thank You Melody for your lovely comment. Tiffany xxx