26 May 2014

Summer 2014.... a bit of a rest

My dear blog readers,
EVERY Summer ( June/July/Aug/Sept) i take a BREAK from serving cock on a regular basis.
You will see on my blog that it happened last year and it happens EVERY year.

There are two reasons for this :
1 - My apartment in central London gets TOO HOT to play ( i only have air-conditioning in one room - so the playroom etc.. are out of bounds). After just 10mins of servitude , both of us are just dripping in perspiration and the heat exhausts us.
2 - Quite often , i am able to get my work finished in the mornings and , if it is a hot , sunny , clear day , i like to just dash off to the beach or somewhere, on a whim. IF i have dates in my diary , i cannot do this.

So , until the first week of October 2014 i WON'T be pleasuring many men and this blog will "rest" for a while.

Whilst i cannot serve any of you Black/Dark skinned men for free , during this time , i DO leave the door open for those White guys who wish to visit me and purchase me as a whore.
Well , if i am to stay at home on a sunny day , then i do deserve some compensation , right ?

So , to summarise:
During the Summer months of June,July, August and September, i am NOT available for the general population of Dark men to visit me for pleasure. You guys please do get back in touch in October , when i will resume my sexual slavery to you.

WHITE guys who have paid for me in the past , or new white guys who wish to visit me as an escort, you are still welcome to get in touch and we can sort out a convenient day and time. i can still pleasure you in my air conditioned living room.

There will still be occasions when Black Master Brix will be taking me out dogging after dark and pimping me to ALL men , for free, For dates,times,locations , see the details on his website at : www.publicslut.co.uk - the dogging website (free) that he has built around his training of me.

1 comment:

  1. Greetings Tiffany,

    I hope your summer vacation is starting out very well, and you are feeling good!

    Well done this first half of 2014, slut! I feel that your servitude, and blog, have continued to improve and impress. We all look forward to this season's dogging adventures, and to your return in the fall as an even more devoted and perverted whore and slave for Black Gods.

    Thanks for being you, bitch!

    Mr Frost